Zahrat Al Khaleej – An exceptional Ramadan atmosphere in the “Global Village”

Zahrat Al Khaleej – An exceptional Ramadan atmosphere in the “Global Village”


The blessed month of Ramadan is a special season, in which families and friends gather at Iftar and Suhoor tables, and spend time eating Ramadan foods and drinks, wearing special clothes for the occasion, in their homes decorated with decorations that embody the month’s traditional values ​​and symbols, exchanging gifts, and sharing love in a season considered the most important. at all in the annual calendar.

The Global Village, one of the largest cultural parks in the world, and the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region, is keen to provide everything that would concern the family and its requirements during this holy month, through more than 3,500 outlets, in a shopping tour across its pavilions. The 26, which represent more than 80 different cultures from the world, allowing guests to choose Ramadan products, ranging from household supplies, food, beverages, accessories, gifts, and clothing.

world council

At the request of the guests, the Ramadan Majlis Al-Alam, which witnessed remarkable success and turnout from the guests, will return for the second year in a row to enjoy the most wonderful Ramadan atmosphere, delicious dishes, and traditional drinks for this blessed month at the Iftar and Suhoor tables. Guests will also be able to spend the most beautiful evenings with family and friends, in addition to a group of board games, which will also be available, backgammon, chess, playing cards, and many others, to the melodies of charming oriental rhythms, where they will be able to reserve their tables, through Global Village application for smartphones or through the website.

In addition, “Global Village” is an ideal destination for buying Eid gifts for friends and family, where fasting people are interested in shopping for Eid surprises before and during the holy month. The leading entertainment destination offers a range of gifts that suit all budgets, at competitive prices; To celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan. And elegant silk scarves are among the best gifts ever, which can be worn while drinking tea after breakfast. In the Europe Pavilion, there is a group of distinctive scarves, and jewels studded with precious stones, which are ideal gifts for women, during the holy month. Ceramic utensils are also available in the Europe Pavilion, which enhances the aesthetics of kitchens and the elegance of Ramadan tables. The Lebanon pavilion showcases innovative catering tools, with their unique designs that add a kind of distinction to family festive tables.

different cultures

When visiting the various pavilions in the Global Village, the ladies will be able to choose a variety of abayas and prayer clothes. The shops spread across the pavilions, especially the Saudi and Moroccan pavilions, will meet the different tastes and requirements; Thanks to the distinctive variety of goods available in it, which satisfies all women.

Muslims are anticipating the advent of Ramadan, celebrating its arrival by preparing a variety of dishes designated for fasting. They are also interested in eating foods that enable them to obtain the greatest amount of energy, and spend their evenings eating sweets, drinking tea and coffee until the Suhoor period. “Global Village” is constantly concerned with providing the best and most distinguished products, at competitive prices, within the reach of everyone, and thus guests can shop for their Ramadan products without having to move from one place to another; In search of the best merchandise available in the market.

Now, you can choose a variety of dried fruits in the Afghanistan Pavilion, which is considered one of the most wonderful ideas for gifts, when you are invited to have Iftar and Suhoor meals with friends, or during family meetings, or enjoy their wonderful taste when eaten as snacks at night, especially as they are rich in vitamins Necessary to maintain the body’s energy during fasting.

You can also shop the best types of organic Arabic spices in the Yemen Pavilion, to be used in preparing Ramadan tables and various dishes, which decorate homes in this holy month. Without forgetting the unique taste of Adeniya coffee, which adds happiness to your evening sessions, and is also available in the Yemen Pavilion stores. And the month’s tables and sessions would not be complete without the Turkish delights and nuts from the Turkey Pavilion, and the Arabic sweets that the Syria Pavilion is famous for. Who among us does not love the taste of oriental baklava, and the comfort of Turkish delight with Turkish coffee that enchants hearts with its wonderful aroma?

special rituals

In the first shopping destination in Dubai, there are various outlets for henna painting, where guests of the “Global Village” can visit the India Pavilion, and meet with henna design experts; To get the fees they prefer, whether during the holy month, or as part of their preparations for Eid Al-Fitr. The month of Ramadan has its own rituals, as incense is one of the most important elements that Muslims use to perfume their homes during the holy month, and some also choose to use essential oils that provide interior spaces with a distinct refreshment, while enhancing the levels of energy they need during the day. Rich collections of incense, agarwood and frankincense products are available in the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi pavilions. While the Turkey Pavilion provides a variety of essential oils, which include: strawberry, tea tree, avocado, mint, and other fragrances to suit all tastes.

coffee taste

The coffee mugs in the Morocco Suite enhance the taste of coffee during warm and memorable sessions, thanks to their exquisite artistic designs, which can be used during family gatherings for coffee. While the Egypt and Turkey pavilions offer wonderful sets of tea sets and pots, which can be presented as a special gift to your loved ones who love tea, or used to honor your guests after breakfast, or at the Suhoor tables. The Egypt pavilion also features a variety of serving trays with distinctive designs, to serve sweets, drinks, coffee and tea, during the month of Ramadan, or on the days of the happy Eid.

Ramadan spirit

And if you are looking for elegant accessories to decorate your homes and tables, you can choose the decorative lanterns, and the colorful and elegantly embroidered decorative pieces in the Egypt Pavilion. A collection of modern and traditional pillows are also available in the suite, with designs inspired by the spirit of Ramadan, celebrating the spirit and essence of beauty, lamps, carpets and curtains made using distinctive fabrics, with oriental embroideries for an exceptional Ramadan atmosphere. The table sets, serving and preparing food, which are available across the various wings of the Global Village, are an elegant celebration of the evening sessions, with a variety of designs in a harmonious blend, where dishes, cups and utensils blend in an exceptional smoothness that embodies the splendor of tables rich in delicious tastes, with their unique designs and appropriate styles for all decors. household.

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