Young people who got married on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine spend their “honeymoon” fighting for the country: “Everyone here thinks we will win”

Young people who got married on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine spend their “honeymoon” fighting for the country: “Everyone here thinks we will win”


Just hours after two young Ukrainians chose to unite their destinies, driven by the thought that the war in Ukraine could separate them forever, Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin joined the fight to protect their country. The wedding took place on the very first day that Ukraine was invaded by the Russian army.

Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin

Young people who get married on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine spend their “honeymoon” fighting for the country – CNN

The two were due to get married in May, but after learning that Russia had invaded their country, they decided to hurry up and say “YES” before joining the Ukrainian resistance. It wasn’t the wedding day they wanted, but they wanted to be together in the hard times and maybe, who knows, they won’t be able to enjoy tomorrow. At the sound of sirens announcing anti-aircraft attacks, Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin swore to be with them. “for better or for worse” for the rest of the life.

Two young Ukrainians united their destinies in time of war

Dressed in camouflage jackets, holding a gun, the couple told CNN about “Honeymoon” spent in the besieged city, fighting against Russian troops who invaded their homeland.

“It’s hard to understand, this new reality that we have”, said Arieva of Kyiv. He said that on the first day of spring, people usually harvested the sunflower – the national flower of Ukraine, but now those who remain can only hide to protect their families or go out to fight for their own lives.

“No one here says we will lose, and no one cries. Everyone here thinks we’re going to win. It’s all a matter of time. So I’m very happy to see this large number of people being really ready to fight. Being ready to kill for their land. Having no doubt about our victory in this war. “said Yaryna Arieva.

Her husband, Fursin, was born in the western city of Lviv and said that “his people will always want to be free. These people are ready to fight for their freedom. ” Going on combat missions with other Ukrainians, he admits that he is concerned about the safety of his family – his wife, parents and sister – but said that “Will do everything to protect them”.

Arieva helps the people in the shelters every day and is on guard in case their area could be stormed. “It’s hard to wait for my husband to return from combat missions,” everyone said. Life here is different, but it is life. People joke and laugh. It is very interesting to see. It’s a different kind of life that has changed since the beginning of the war, but it’s life. “confesses the young woman.

The couple called on the international community to help Ukraine with money, food, weapons and medical care and to impose more sanctions on Russia. Fursin said he hoped the time would come when he could gather his family and friends “All in one place and drink a good glass of wine”. And tell everyone: “Come on, the war is over, we’re winning.”

Before that, however, Fursin wants to “Let everyone in this world, including Russia and the Russian people, remember” that he is fighting “For the freedom of the world.”

Russia – Ukraine War, Day 6

After five days and five nights of confrontations with the Russian armed forces, Ukraine resists. The sixth day of the war began with new bombings, after last night the Ukrainian capital was massively attacked with rockets. Heavy explosions have been heard in Kherson in southern Ukraine, and satellite images show a convoy of tanks and armor heading for Kyiv, according to BBC News. Also this morning, the Russians unleashed hell on Kharkov. The bombs fell on the city center and residential neighborhoods, and Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of using thermobaric weapons used in the Chechen war.

The balance of the Russian invasion is terrible. Since the beginning of the war, 400 Ukrainians have lost their lives. Among them are 16 children, President Zelenski said. Another 1,700 civilians were injured, 45 of them children. The Russian military also admitted that some of its soldiers had been killed. Ukrainians say there are about 5,300 Russian soldiers, while more than 200 are currently being held captive.

See how the events unfolded since February 24, the DAY when the war in Ukraine began: DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5.

You can also watch the news on the Observatory Google News!

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