Young gymnast, killed in Mariupol. Ekaterina’s girlfriend: “She was supposed to conquer the world, but she died under the rubble”

Young gymnast, killed in Mariupol.  Ekaterina’s girlfriend: “She was supposed to conquer the world, but she died under the rubble”

Young gymnast, killed in Mariupol. Ekaterina’s girlfriend She was supposed to conquer the world, but she died under the rubble.

The young Ukrainian gymnast Ekaterina Dyachenko became a victim of the Mariupol bombing, attacked by the Russian invaders. The house where the gymnast was born, born in 2011, was hit by a shell.

Following a direct hit on Ekaterina’s house, the building collapsed, and the sportswoman was caught under the rubble. Anastasia Meshchanenkova, the girl’s rhythmic gymnastics coach, announced on Instagram that Katyusha is dead.

Her friends immediately reacted to the tragedy, she writes

“A colleague of mine died in Mariupol. Could this be an excuse? She was a talented girl. She had to conquer the world and sports, to give smiles. Is it the children’s fault?? I believe that for all those involved in these atrocities there is a place in hell. And as soon as possible, “wrote Alina Broshkova, a friend of gymnast Ekarerina Dyachenko.

The Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been under siege for more than three weeks. The Russian army has surrounded the city and almost does not allow civilians to leave it along the “green corridors” and does not allow convoys of humanitarian aid to enter the city.

Afina, shocking testimonies from the besieged Mariupol: “Butchers gave us frozen bones so we could have something to boil and eat”

The city is bombed day and night: bombs fall on residential areas, over schools and hospitals. Following the bombing, the maternity hospital and the Dramatic Theater, which housed hundreds of civilians, were destroyed.

Afina Khadzhinova, a resident of Mariupol, told Current Time that her family and her friend’s family managed to leave Mariupol on March 15.

“In Mariupol we do not have heat, electricity, water, mobile communications, internet, gas. By the way, the gas was turned off, by the way. We couldn’t even heat the water. People started going out, putting barbecues outside, taking the grills out of the refrigerators, cutting down trees and gathering all kinds of firewood. And they started cooking.

At six in the morning you wake up, look out the window and you can already see that there are men making fire. Take out your pot, pans, cook something, boil. I was bringing water from the spring. In peacetime, people who could not afford to buy from the store would get water from the spring. But I tell you, this water also had sediments. We got used to the taste over time, we only drank it after we boiled it. I was lucky to live near the spring. But in other areas, people did not have access to water. The police and the military came to the spring, where there is a pump, and took water in trucks for the people of the city “, says Afina Khadzhinova.

“What is happening in Mariupol is a humanitarian catastrophe

“It simply came to our notice then. I believe that God laid his hands on my house and protected us until the last moment. Fortunately, I lived in the house until the last day of departure. Our house was whole, the windows were whole. Some people lived in cellars with children for two to three weeks. My girlfriend with two children changed a lot of shelters.

What is happening in Mariupol is a humanitarian catastrophe. We shared the products so that we could have more days. My mother made donuts. A donut weighed 100 grams and was enough for half a day. I cooked oatmeal, one polish per person. I put the eggs in donuts or pancakes.

The day before we left, some butchers brought frozen bones without meat, which he distributed to us. I boiled the bones from which a kind of broth came out, necessary for the body. I lived in constant stress. First of all, the planes bombed the factories, the blocks of flats, the houses. It was also dangerous to go for water, because there was a field nearby, and shells were constantly falling there, “Afina Khadzhinova told Current Time.

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