You will be surprised..Innovative ideas for elegant bathroom mirror designs

You will be surprised..Innovative ideas for elegant bathroom mirror designs

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Who among us does not want his bathroom to be similar to the decorations of the bathrooms of palaces and luxurious villas, as it is the place to relax after a stressful day of work and effort, so we are all keen to make the bathroom decor elegant with all its details, starting from the floors to the walls, so today we will introduce you to a group of bathroom mirror designs Featured, and we put in your hands a comprehensive guide to it.

Types of bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirror designs vary and differ from each other in the shape and materials from which they are made, each type has some pros and cons, so when choosing a bathroom mirror, we advise you to take into account your personal needs, and take into account the bathroom space so that you can choose the best, and then a group of bathroom mirror models, for example Not limited.

illuminated mirrors

Illuminated bathroom mirrors can be purchased from one of the sanitary ware stores in Dubai. These mirrors are distinguished by their different shape from the rest of the bathroom mirrors, where a hidden rope of lights can be placed in different colors, such as blue, yellow, white and other colors according to your taste, the blue color gives an atmosphere Comfortable, as for white, it provides very strong lighting that is suitable when doing shaving, applying makeup or any activity that requires high lighting. One of the negatives of this type of mirror is that it needs maintenance constantly, and lighting bathroom mirrors may cause a high value for your home electricity bill.

Geometric mirrors

Mirror with illumination around the frame and around it a range of elegant accessories

The aesthetic of bathroom decor can be shown through mirrors with geometric shapes, including square, rectangle, and circle, whether with a frame or without, as the most used shapes are circular and square because of their appropriate size and moderate cost, and recently the demand for rectangular mirrors has increased because of their elegance And what it gives a distinctive touch to the décor, as it is hung vertically in the bathroom, showing an unfamiliar touch.

wood mirrors

There are many wooden decorations for homes that give a distinctive classic character. Here, wood can be employed in bathroom mirrors, taking into account the types of wood used in the decoration related to the bathroom mirror. Attention should be paid to the resistance of the type of wood to moisture and heat, and these types include oak, pine and many others. A wide range of wood mirrors are available with beautiful patterns and ornaments that give unparalleled elegance and luxury to bathroom décor.

large bathroom mirrors

One of the most beautiful types and designs of bathroom mirrors are large mirrors. If the cost is not an obstacle to you, large mirrors can be hung on an entire front of the bathroom wall, as the use of large mirrors is one of the smart ways to make the bathroom appear larger, in this way your bathroom looks twice its area and size. The real, and of course this kind of Disign bathroom wall mirrors are suitable for small bathrooms.

Mirrors with modern technology

Installing the mirror vertically is one of the latest trends in decoration

One of the designs of modern bathroom mirrors that is characterized by smart technologies, some mirrors are equipped with speakers linked with Bluetooth to listen to music, in addition to creating touch-screen mirrors, where music is changed, sound is controlled and its lighting is controlled by touching its surface.

Cabinet mirrors

Modern home decorations definitely make your home unique and distinctive, as there are many decorating ideas that combine simplicity and elegance, including mirrors that include cabinets that are used in a modern and practical way that helps you organize your needs, for example, you can put some personal supplies inside this closet, such as shaving tools or cosmetics skin care.

Bathroom mirror designs and decorations

It is imperative to have a set of modern and contemporary bathroom design tips that can be followed, especially when designing bathroom mirrors so that you can add a creative and beautiful touch at a low cost, and these ideas are:

Decorate the corners of the wall near the mirror, such as hanging artificial plants in these corners

Put a tape or rope of bathroom mirror lites around the mirror frame

Incorporating the element of metal into the design, whether it is in the frame of the mirror or the surrounding accessories, where the luster of these metals gives a touch of luxury to the bathroom décor

Putting a set of small mirrors in the bathroom and distributing them elegantly

Put some candles and small crystals under the mirror, either on the shelves or in the bathtub near it

From the designs of bathroom mirrors, we also mention the use of the idea of ​​vintage in mirrors, and the vintage merges with modern décor and depends on antique metals that you can employ in decoration.

We have provided you with a set of bathroom mirror design ideas, hoping that we have saved you the trouble of searching.

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