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Hassouna Al Tayeb (Abu Dhabi)

A material from nature, characterized by strength and flexibility, and easy to shape according to purposes, wood gives warmth in the place and spreads beauty with its attractive colors. A dwelling, shop, office, or any facility is not free from the element of wood, in its various forms. The first known use of wood in its history dates back to the Benning site in Tanzania.
There may be thousands of wood species, but only about 100 are used. Wood is an important natural resource and is obtained from forests, as it is characterized by moisture absorption. In order to preserve forests and avoid desertification, man resorted to the production of industrial wood, which consists of sawdust such as, particleboard, veneer, plywood, compressed, laminated, and others.
Wood has been used as a material for fuel, construction, equipment, weapons, furniture and paper, since the appearance of man on earth, and it is one of the most abundant and sustainable natural materials. Canadian discoveries in 2011 indicate the first plantation of forests in the Canadian province of Brunswick, about 395 to 400 million years ago. In the face of competition from other materials such as iron, plastic and cement, wood retained its traditional roles. In addition to fuel, wood has expanded to include many chemical and technical industries. Forests cover 31% of the world’s land area, reaching 434 billion cubic meters in 2005.
The wood products market is expected to grow from $631.1 billion in 2021 to about $684.3 billion in 2022, at a compound annual rate of 8.4%, and to about $903.3 billion by 2026.
Wood is produced, from 25 to 30 thousand plant species, but only between 3 to 4 thousand, suitable for the production of wood suitable for use. Wood-producing forest trees and other woody plants are divided into two classes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. While gymnosperms, or conifers, produce softwoods, such as pine and spruce, angiosperms produce temperate and tropical hardwoods, such as oak, beech, teak, and balsa. Wood products reach staggering numbers, perhaps more than 10,000 products. The wood is often cut, with large mechanical or manual saws.
As for natural wood, some types of it are beech, which is a luxurious and high-quality wood that is used in designs, home decorations, and floors, due to its hardness. Its color tends to be reddish brown. The oak or oak wood is characterized by its durability and hardness, and it is characterized by many meanders that help close the pores, and is among the most expensive. It is used in carpentry works such as furniture, doors, floors and wall works, due to its beauty when painted, and it is resistant to moisture and decay.
Musky wood, a class of natural soft coniferous wood, is used in home furnishings, saunas, receptions and bed boards. The musky is cheap, as a result of the many knots that weaken the wood plank. As for Azizi wood, it is a natural coniferous wood, characterized by high density, white veneer, easy formation, resistance to moisture and high temperatures. Besides home furniture, it is used in construction, shipbuilding and furniture industries.
Mahogany, which is beautiful thanks to its many meanders, is flexible and stretchable, making it easy to shape. Among the other types, oak wood, which is characterized by hardness, durability, resistance to moisture, temperatures and water absorption, and is used in the doors of apartments and luxury kitchens, for its long life. There is also zebra wood, which derives its name from the zebra, as a result of the many stripes in it. It is characterized by strength, durability, heavy weight and beauty of the view. It is used in luxury decorations, walls, turning and in Mercedes and Cadillac cars. There are also other types, including ebony, birch, poplar, walnut, cherry, white wood, arak and others.
The United States of America is the largest wood producing country in the world, with a production of 481.1 million cubic meters annually, which dominates the timber market, followed by India with production of 296.2 million cubic meters annually, and then China at 284.9 million cubic meters annually.
The wood market contains sales of wood products derived from forests and some plants and shrubs. The sector includes commercial activities that produce sawn lumber, plywood, ply, containers, floors, trusses and prefabricated wooden buildings. It also includes wood production, sawing, planning, shaping, laminating and assembling wood products with screws or wood.
The main wood products are finished wood, wood processing and manufactured wood materials. The processing includes the manufacture of forest products, from paper, sawdust, building components and wood pulp oil. In 1992, transparent wood was discovered, which is more biodegradable than plastic and glass, as well as more resistant to breakage.

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