Without costs..modern ideas for decorating the kitchen in the simplest ways

Without costs..modern ideas for decorating the kitchen in the simplest ways

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Everyone tells what he has in his pocket of interesting stories that happened with him during the day, so housewives must keep the kitchen clean all the time, as this process is not considered difficult if you follow the most important tips for cleaning the kitchen easily, and on the other hand, you must choose ideas To decorate the kitchen that brings comfort in the hearts of individuals and adds a distinctive and joyful touch to the place.

Thinking of decorating the kitchen

There are many creative ideas for decorating the kitchen

There are many ideas used in the art of kitchen decor, which would highlight the aesthetics of the place and hide its flaws when applied, but first we must take into account the kitchen space, for example, when choosing ideas for decorating a small kitchen, we must employ the appropriate color for the place, and choose the paintings and decorations that give A sense of spaciousness, which creates an atmosphere of comfort, which is the most important factor that must be available in a family kitchen, in addition to choosing kitchen curtains that are more appropriate for the space and decoration. While in the large kitchen, it is necessary to choose the appropriate decor and not to exaggerate the application of the desired idea so as not to give a feeling of discomfort, whether when combining a lot of colors or when using many pieces of decor and paintings, and below, dear reader, we will show you some ideas and tips for places that Kitchen accessories can be placed on it:

1- Kitchen Cabinets

You can put art pieces and kitchen masterpieces in the empty spaces

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important things to consider when designing a kitchen, in proportion to the space occupied by the cabinets compared to the total area of ​​the kitchen, whether the kitchen is small or large, and one of the basics of decoration is to leave a good space between the cabinets and the ceiling, and this space can be used by adding some decorations that Reflect your personal taste, and keep in mind that they are small pieces so as not to overcrowd the place.

Examples of decor that can be placed above the shelves:

artificial plants

Vases of assorted colors

Small and harmonious paintings

favorite pictures


Coffee and tea cups

Ceramic Kitchen Antiques

storage baskets


souvenir decorative pieces

Artificial or natural plants and flowers in general add a refreshing and lively aesthetic touch to the place, while the baskets give a nice touch and can be used to store some kitchen utensils, and antiques forms for the kitchens should be chosen that fit the general adornment style.

2- The walls of the kitchen

Perhaps the kitchen walls are one of the frequently used parts, and therefore are prone to getting dirty, so housewives must follow effective ways to clean the kitchen. As for the decor, we mentioned to you earlier that the space factor is what determines the most appropriate kitchen decorations for the place, so you must take into account the size of the paintings and kitchen antiques based on the available space.

Walls are one of the most suitable places in which ideas can be applied to decorate the kitchen, and the wall space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets can be used. Here are some beautiful ideas for decorating kitchen walls:

3- Cup holders and storage containers

Adding a cup holder is the latest kitchen decorating idea and adds a modern touch

These pieces are considered simple, but they have a great impact on the decor. In addition to the fact that this piece adds an aesthetic touch and is considered one of the ideas for decorating modern kitchens, it makes good use of the space and is ideal for small kitchens, and we can find it in any store specializing in household appliances.

4- Shelves

If you have an empty wall in the kitchen, you can take advantage of it by adding shelves, as there are many ideas for coordinating shelves that give an elegant touch to the place, it is possible to put kitchen antiques or plants on the shelves, or put storage containers that keep coffee, legumes and others.

5- Technical corner

Many housewives take the refrigerator as a place to install their children’s art paintings on it, as the idea of ​​an art corner can also be applied to add a nice atmosphere to the kitchen. The idea is to put a board on the wall to hang drawings to decorate the kitchen, whether it’s children’s drawings or note papers, and family photos can be placed on it.

6- Artistic paintings

Colorful art paintings add an atmosphere of joy and vitality to the kitchen, and cork wall paintings can also be placed on which different types of foods are printed, such as vegetables, fruits or a cup of coffee.

7- Great masterpieces

You can also add some large antiques of strange and distinctive shapes

An example of ideas for decorating the kitchen is choosing a large piece of neutral color such as gold or silver and placing it in it. Simple artwork will take your kitchen to a sophisticated and elegant level away from the noise of colors, for example, you can choose antiques to decorate the kitchen made of marble or dishes.

Kitchen Decoration Patterns

The most important thing that can distinguish your home decor is your personal touch, so we advise housewives when preparing the kitchen from A to Z to put their own touch without having to fully adhere to the idea inspired either from the Internet or from decoration magazines. It must be taken into account that the paintings and antiques are consistent with each other and harmonize with the kitchen décor, and there is nothing wrong with bold additions when choosing vibrant colors and merging them in a harmonious and beautiful way. Kitchen decor styles vary, here are the most prominent:

Vintage or antique

This style imitates the sixties period, and is characterized by its calm colors and the use of bright colors in a small proportion. When following it, old pieces of art must be used, and it is possible to allocate a golden metal plate for fruits, and the use of paintings bearing drawings of previous eras.

elegant and elegant

The latest kitchen décor includes the elegant and elegant style. The white kitchen is distinguished by its elegance, and you will not need to add a lot of decorations to the kitchen to bring about the desired change, as some simple and modern pieces will make a striking and upscale move for the place.

Modern and elegant

This style suits lovers of bold art, and the boldness lies in the use of unusual colors, the types of decorative pieces used and unique paintings, for example, it is possible to choose black with kitchen decorations and gold additions, or choose vibrant colors with the addition of paintings in the style of Pop Art.

With this, we have come to the end of our article in which we highlighted the most prominent ideas for decorating the kitchen in a modern way, hoping that we have saved you the trouble of searching for them.

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