With these steps.. Make a feminine touch in your modern home

With these steps.. Make a feminine touch in your modern home

The feminine decorations of the house add sophistication, calmness, welcome and comfort, and it is represented in the colors chosen for the rooms, as well as in the materials, and the dominant shapes on the furniture.

In this context, the interior design engineer, Dana Naim, clarifies that the preparation of a feminine and comfortable house is suitable for the couple to live together. Therefore, the following advice derived from the engineer, Dana, is not specific to a “modern” women’s council or a room for a woman, but rather for a house coordinating its elements, with each other so as to attract the senses, and suggest tenderness, according to (Madam).

Feminine colours

There is no need to resort to exclusively feminine colors in the decor, according to the engineer, Dana, but it is possible to start the design work from neutral colors (beige, for example, or white), and from fluffy fabrics, with the design inlaying with soft elements.

The colors of the pastel category, that is, those in which white is included in their composition, express a feminine taste, and they spread softness in the decor, and the joyful colors, in turn, are attributed to the feminine taste.

Pink and dusty pink are feminine colors par excellence, and they reflect, along with the derivatives of pink in general, and its sequels (the color of calm coral, for example, and lilac, and peach) the soft taste in the decor.

Scented candles are bright in colour.

The soft-colored woolen (or fur) blanket, thrown over the main sofa.

The side tables are designed with an image that reflects a feminine flair, as well as those shiny, glowy, or French in a softly carved, floral pattern.

And the engineer, Dana, pointed out that the French style, which distinguishes light-colored furniture, and engraved, indicates sophistication and feminine character and calls for adding one or more pieces of the aforementioned furniture, for a double attractiveness in the room, and a feminine look.Interior Design Engineer Dana Naim

Cushions, wallpaper, curtains, side chairs, or “Taborees”, when selected, are lined with embossed fabrics with the pattern of colored flowers in the aforementioned light colors or in shiny colors, or the pattern of light animals, “overturning” the atmosphere of the room, making it feminine, for the effect of patterns in embellishing the decor.

The furniture door is wide, but one of the ways to help reflect the feminine character through its pieces is to choose it with curved (not sharp) and round shapes, and in light colors.

A room decorated with a feminine character, whether through colours, materials, shapes or accessories.

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