With distinctive steps and ideas.. Spring touches on your home décor | Mirror

With distinctive steps and ideas.. Spring touches on your home décor |  Mirror

Beirut – Do you feel the routine and boredom of your home decor? Do you want to change some of the details that make you renewed, but at an acceptable cost? What are these changes you can make to make you feel happier and more energetic?

Interior designer Fadia Al-Shami offers you the most important ideas that can change many details inside your home at acceptable costs, and give more renewal in all corners:

Spring touches with plants

Use spring touches on home decor, and renew the corners of the house with green plants that can be distributed in different corners of the rooms of the house to give vitality.

side lighting

Lighting is an essential part of changing your home décor. You can add side lighting bases with new colors and long shapes that revitalize the corners of the house again to harmonize with the home’s furniture, colors and decorations.

Source: PixelsChanging the colors of the pillows in the bedrooms and their fabrics in multiple colors cultivates joy (pixels)

Renovation of pillows and curtains

Be sure to change the colors and fabrics of the pillows in the living rooms and bedrooms, and choose multiple colors with inscriptions, to skip the classics that make you feel bored, and you can renew the curtains to give the decor a new and lively look.

new carpet

Changing the carpet is a change in the focus of the person residing in the house, and adds joy to the place, as the whole house can actually be changed by adding new carpets only.

Source: PixelsWhen the place is crowded, it is less attractive than others, as the increase in space makes the person feel free and comfortable (pixels)

increase space

When a place is crowded, it is less attractive, you can increase the space by buying multi-use pieces such as a desk that has many storage drawers and does not take up much space. In the children’s room, instead of using two beds, a bunk bed can be used to provide space for playing and studying, or buying a sofa that opens and stores things inside.

bathroom accessories

Put flowers that match the colors of the towels and accessories, while not neglecting to change the curtains to be in unified colors so that you do not feel bored.

7Placing flowers and roses in the bathrooms that match the towels, and being careful to choose them in harmony with the accessories, gives a distinctive renewal (pixels)

storage units

Also, make good use of the bedroom spaces, and place suitable storage units to accommodate all the contents of the room, to avoid clutter. You can also choose a group of covers in various colors and designs, and each of them will change the look of the room completely, especially with the change of seasons, according to the advice of the Shami décor expert.

Change in the kitchen

You can completely change the look of your kitchen by simply repainting its exterior and changing the look of cabinet handles.

It is also possible to renew the seasonality of some simple tools, taking into account the consistency of colors, and this will create a new kitchen for you with a small budget.

Source: PixelsMirrors are a great way to decorate the living room, especially with small spaces (pixels).

use mirrors

The use of mirrors is one of the great ways to decorate the living room, especially with small spaces, as it adds space to the place, and you can choose it with frames of multiple shapes and colors, in proportion to the decor and color of your room.

Furniture repositioning

You can renovate the home decor without costing you any money, all you have to do is change the places of the furniture. This idea applies not only to the guest reception areas and the living room, but to the whole house.

That is why it is preferable to make a sketch of everything that goes on your mind about the new shape of the furniture, and you can ask for help from your husband, brother or son to ensure the ease of moving and moving the home furniture in an easy and simple way, according to the advice of the interior designer.

Source: Pixels3 tables can be used in the middle of the room if the size of the room allows, with a piece of accessories placed on each table (pixels).

Accessory Views

Choose 3 colors that are easy to combine with each other: silver, gold, and pink, which shines towards the golden color, and choose a glass table, and then put the decorations that carry those colors in a way that suits the shape and size of the table. If the table is circular, there is no objection to forming a small triangle of those accessories.

The room’s corner floor is a great place to tuck one of your bulky accessories, and pair it with a soft feather pillow with a bright rope light that breaks the routine.

It is possible to use 3 tables in the middle if the shape and size of the room allow, and to put a piece of accessories on each table with a small rope of pearls that tends in its white to antique pink.

Some plant pots can be placed on the three tables, taking into account the harmony of the plant’s colors with the colors of the brushes and vases.

The importance of cleaning in renovation

Cleaning is one of the factors that contribute to the renovation of the house, for example, cleaning old taps from the traces of soap and the accumulated germs on them, and polishing copper and silver that have changed colors. Renovation can be done by cleaning them from the traces of soap and the accumulated germs on them.

Change the colors of the walls

After cleaning the walls well, removing the dust and changing their color to a new color suitable for home furniture, mixing between dark and light colors to add distinction and attractiveness to the room, the available wallpaper can also be used with distinctive and different designs with the addition of some pieces of textiles, paintings and pictures that are hung on walls.

Source: PixelsLighting is an essential part in changing your home decor. It is necessary to add side lighting bases in colors and shapes that revitalize (pixels).

Simple steps to change the decor

Al-Shami continues her explanation that the housewife should take some simple initial steps that will help her in how to change the decor of the house:
Browse magazines and websites: Gather a group of pictures of the decorations that attracted you when browsing magazines or websites, and change your home according to your taste.

Take an online test: There are tons of online tests designed to help you find the right decorating style for you, pick two of them and if you end up with similar results, you’re on the right track, it’s fun and can really help you determine your needs.

Take a look at your wardrobe: Take a close look at the colors of your clothes, this will help you a lot to know your taste in decorating colors, and shows whether you like calm neutral colors or cheerful bold colors.

Source: PixelsOne of the mistakes of decoration is the exaggeration of the contents of the rooms and their possessions, such as placing many antiques on one shelf (pixels).

Change the paint of some of the pieces: Painting is inexpensive and versatile. Cabinets, walls, floors, and furniture can be painted over. Paint gives a new look at the lowest costs.

Renew yourself at home: You can save a lot of money by doing some simple changes in your home yourself, such as painting the walls, making handmade pillows and curtains, or making a crochet table, and other simple things.

Take a walk around your house and take notes: Jolly in every room, make a list of things you want to replace, or things you want to add to the decor, and fill in what’s missing right away.

Source: PixelsUsing a neutral or similar paint color for furniture is a mistake that makes home decor look “fluid” and devoid of soul (pixels).

Home décor mistakes

Al-Shami warns of the mistakes that the housewife often makes when organizing her home decor, the most important of which are:

  • Pushing the furniture to the wall to give the house more empty space, and it is preferable to avoid this so that the visible space is an inspiring space capable of creating a social atmosphere inside the house.
  • Buying small, well-stuffed pillows to save money, as this makes the sofa unpleasant, and it is better to buy large, well-stuffed pillows to give a beautiful and attractive view of the sofa.
  • The use of a neutral or similar color to the furniture, as this makes the home decor “fluid” and does not have a soul, and a distinctive color must be chosen that matches the color of the furniture and not its degree, and it can be darker, lighter, or among its degrees.
  • Exaggerated display of room contents and possessions, such as placing many antiques on one shelf, or aligning many pictures on a small wall.
  • Lighting is one of the basics of the house, whether it is to give an attractive view, or to ensure the vision, view and psychology of the people living inside the house, so you should avoid neglecting this point.

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