What is behind the scenes of the series “Matar Dance”?

What is behind the scenes of the series “Matar Dance”?

There is no doubt that directing is creativity, and there is no doubt that the Lebanese director Joe Bouaid is accustomed to his distinguished and unique works. When directing and image technology combine with the hard work and creativity of the behind-the-scenes team to create the right places to film the work.

Here comes the role of the decoration team under the supervision of Jimmy Bouaid, who designs the decorations and weaves the colors, and transforms the most difficult and deserted places into studios and shooting locations that correspond to the text and the required events. Work that requires months and long weeks of hard work, staying up late, and constant creativity.

From an investigation office and cells, the series “Matar Dance” was launched, where Jimmy Bouaid turned an empty studio into a realistic outpost where most of the series’ scenes were filmed. While the house of “Haneen” was an empty apartment with white walls, it turned into a house full of life and colors that suit the atmosphere of the series.

As for the difficulties faced by the preparation team, it was to find an ancient theater to film some scenes. After a long search, the choice was made on the famous Piccadilly Theater on Hamra Street, which is the first of the prestigious theaters in Beirut, where the most famous international performance groups rose to the stage. However, the Piccadilly Theater was completely closed due to a fire that broke out in it and destroyed all its contents, making it unusable. In fact, it was forbidden to use it in order to avoid the danger of its collapse. However, the preparation team for the series “Raqsat Matar” insisted on filming inside it to add luxury to the scenes.

Months of preparation and preparation, after which director Joe Bouaid turned his cameras to release after 50 days the series “Raqsa Matar”, consisting of 13 episodes. Between the police station, the cells, and Hanin’s house, Jimmy Bou Eid has worked perfectly to give places and people life as if they really existed.

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