Week of trades at the DPM Alba Iulia Economic College – Urbea Mea Magazine

Week of trades at the DPM Alba Iulia Economic College – Urbea Mea Magazine

During the period 7-11.03.2022, the “Trade Week” was held at the “Dionisie Pop Marţian” Economic College in Alba Iulia.

The students studying at the Alba Iulia educational unit thus had the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and talent in special gastronomy workshops, dedicated to the week of trades. Also, students from economics and tourism specializations participated in discussions about counseling, coaching and education with Alba parliamentarians and completed vocational questionnaires.

Thus, students of the Economic College “Dionisie Pop Marțian” from the qualification of Technician in Gastronomy showed their abilities and skills formed during the years of study by making decorations from vegetables and fruits. The aim of the activity was to apply the knowledge and make students aware of the importance of the aesthetics of meals and organized events. The activity was carried out in the practice base of the Economic College and was coordinated by prof. Anca Moghiroiu. Also, the students of the 11th grade F – specialization: chef, prepared several kinds of dishes according to the school curriculum: eggs stuffed with various fillings and decorations, ham and cheese croquettes, peasant platter, pizza, spaghetti bolognese, oriental summer salad, grilled pork roll with potatoes and sauce, pork chop with apple sauce, apple strudel, pork chop with cream sauce and grilled vegetables, tiramisu pancakes, meatball soup ,, a Greek ”. All the students from the 11th grade F cook group were involved, coordinated by the forensic instructor, Onea Elena. The quality of the products was checked, the weight established for each portion, the degree of difficulty of the dishes, the degree of satiety, the time of day when the dish is served, defects-causes-remedies that may occur during their making, specific decoration elements to each individual preparation.

In the period 09.03.- 10.03.2022, a vocational questionnaire was applied to the 12th grade students, with the aim of observing the educational and professional path of the future graduates. A total of 120 students out of a total of 130 (10-absent) were interviewed under the coordination of psychologist Nicoleta Draschan. Most students (98%) want to continue their studies in a University center in: Cluj, Timisoara, Bucharest, Alba, and the predominant profile is Economic: 46%. Other options: Medicine 17%; Engineering 11%; 9% defense; 5% right; Psychology 2%.

The activity entitled “My passion – my JOB” was carried out in partnership with the County Directorate for Sports and Youth Alba, in which Ms. Adriana Gruiță conducted a communication workshop aimed at training students’ skills to could attend a job interview. From the Entrepreneurship Development Association for young people, Ms. Lia Dogaru conducted an entrepreneurship workshop aimed at facilitating the choice of profession by students. The partners involved were the Alba County Directorate for Sports and Youth and the Alba Youth Entrepreneurship Development Association. “Choosing a job is essential for students, because their future depends on the use of their skills and abilities, which our school makes it possible for them to acquire and become aware of through many programs and projects.” completed the activity coordinator and the director of the college, prof. Emil Cetean.

Within the educational project “Parliamentarians in dialogue with students”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Victoria Popa and implemented by Prof. Dărămuș Marcela, Prof. Dr. Furdui Amalia, Prof. Beca Felicia, Prof. Dobra Lavinia, Prof. Dr. Simion Constantin Adrian aimed at promoting the rules of public debate in a democratic society, the principles of European citizenship and the dialogue among students of the Economic College “Dionisie Pop Marțian” Alba Iulia on the main essential issues in the Romanian education system and entrepreneurship, so so that their needs and desires become a priority for decision makers. Thus, meetings of the students were organized with each parliamentarian involved in the project activities: senator Călin Gheorghe Maties, senator Sorin Ioan Bumb, deputy Beniamin Todosiu, deputy Daniel-Gheorghe Rusu, deputy Radu-Marcel Tuhuț. There were debates on education and entrepreneurship between students, teachers and partners between February 25 and March 11, 2022. Students asked 10 different questions to each member of parliament, who must answer against the clock. At the end of the activity, the students and teachers received diplomas “Parliamentary Adviser for a day”. 210 students from the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades participated in the project activities.

The students coordinated by prof. Dărămuș Marcela and prof.dr. Furdui Amalia also participated in the project “Round table of future economists”. It is well known that the education system in Romania and Europe has been and still is focused on a very good theoretical training, but also on a lower practical training, if not precarious, which makes the adaptation of our graduates on the market work to be done with substantial effort on their part. Thus, with the help of the implementation team: Prof. Dr. Victoria Victoria, Prof. Beca Felicia, Prof. Dobra Lavinia, Prof. Dr. Simion Constantin Adrian, the students participated in group and then frontal debates on the realization of business plans, starting from a Canvas template and having sources of information and specialized documentation.

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