Watch: The uses of red color in home decorations

Watch: The uses of red color in home decorations

Many prefer the red color over the other remaining colors, as it symbolizes love and calm, and the red color results from mixing orange with yellow, and it appears stark and fiery, and is classified on the list of hot and dark colors, and expresses warmth and romantic feelings, and symbolizes the day of love.

And the conditions for using the red color in the space’s decor, to make it receive Valentine’s Day, are governed by the conditions enumerated by the interior design engineer Reham Farran, so here are decorating ideas for the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Decorations on the occasion of Valentine’s Day are accessories and moving elements that are distributed on shelves or side tables, without dominating the walls, and the accessories may be colored red or reflect the lighting that contributes to making the room’s “mood” characterized by warmth.

In this context, Engineer Reham points out that the red color connected to the occasion does not dominate the decorations, but rather it fills them, which is a simple solution next (about 15% of the decorations), because the opposite of that, any tyranny of red over the space reduces the value of the architectural void, and narrows it.

In the following, the architect, Riham, enumerates a set of decorating ideas for the occasion of Valentine’s Day: carrying the red color, roses or accessories represented by scented candles distributed on the console, at the entrance to the house.

Valentine’s Day accessories are distributed in the living room, where the couple spends most of their time, and the accessories carry a few red pillow covers, provided that the covers are loaded with phrases of love or prints that symbolize Valentine’s Day.

In this context, Engineer Reham talks about the importance of integrating red pillows with one that is consistent with the color of the sofa and the red color appears in the living room’s decor through the pair of pillows and the side lighting unit.

Red colored picture frames are distributed, regardless of what material they are made of (plastic, metal or wood), and a red bedspread made of satin or silk spreads the dining table, where romantic dinner plates are distributed, in addition to dried or natural roses and huge red candles carried on high stands. From crystal (or from antique) and red wooden accessories loaded with special phrases of love.

On Valentine’s Day, it seems an opportunity to make adjustments to the bedroom’s decor, starting with the bed linen that chooses a red color, passing through a small rug or a red rug made of warm material to spread the floor, to the accessories that are distributed on the floor, such as hearts.

Modifications to the bedroom’s decorations, for the occasion of Valentine’s Day, start with the bed linen, which is chosen in red, as in the picture, and the distribution of roses.

Lighting threads are added in red at the edges of the curtains so that they illuminate the fabric indirectly, and red lighting is added under the bed, for example, which creates reflections on the floor, as well as on the dressing table mirror where the lighting is arranged behind the mirror.

You may distribute dried red roses on the surface of the table, with frames loaded with romantic pictures of the couple, or red pillows or take the shape of hearts on the chair (chaise longue), as well as choose lanterns for the floor, to be colored in silver (or gold), and to include red candles inside them. .

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