Watch: The uses of mustard yellow in modern decor

Watch: The uses of mustard yellow in modern decor

Mustard yellow is classified as a strong and rich color, so it is used in a small percentage in home decorations, and adds luxury to it, as well as warmth.

Mustard yellow plays a role in “fixing” other colors that are used in home decorations, and more about the uses of mustard yellow in decoration, according to information obtained from interior design engineer Farah Ghandour Ayyad, according to (Madam).

Mustard yellow “warms up” modern home décor

Mustard yellow is known to “reduce” the strength of the loud colors used in the room, and prints the latter with a grainy character, achieving the desired color contrast in the decor, or on the contrary it highlights the dull or light colors.

For example, in a room in which white dominates the paint of the walls and the textures of its furnishings, mustard yellow colors the decor, knowing that it is sufficient to use swatches of yellow-derived color, through moving accessories such as: a blanket thrown on the sofa, a rug that covers the floor, or a painting that occupies part of the room. The wall in order to spread a romantic character in the place, and draw attention to it.

Mustard color schemes

The coordination of mustard yellow with indigo achieves elegant decorations. Engineer Farah talks about a wonderful color combination, starring earthy colors and dark mustard yellow, but this tendency requires some daring, because it creates contradictions in the decor.

On the other hand, it is possible to rely on the light mustard yellow and beige, to “sooth” the noisy home décor, through moving accessories, and with getting used to the aforementioned color, it is correct to add larger colored elements with it, or even a darker degree, in the space.

Mustard yellow brings luxury to the home, as well as warmth
On the other hand, the designer says that “the coordination of mustard yellow with indigo achieves elegant décor, with the importance of adding a few light blue accessories to calm the room’s atmosphere.”

Interior Design Engineer Farah Ghandour AyyadA “bold” look in the decor For a “monochromatic” look in the decor, that is, distinguished by the presence of mustard yellow shades alone, the main wall can be painted in mustard yellow, in the bedroom, for example, with the bed cover chosen with a lighter shade of mustard, and the accessories in gold The Conqueror.

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