Watch: The simplest decorations in the designs of small “modern” kitchens

Watch: The simplest decorations in the designs of small “modern” kitchens

The small spaces of the kitchens of urban apartments can cause a crisis, especially for cooking enthusiasts, but with good know-how and design, every small space turns into a practical and attractive place.

In this context, interior design engineer Reham Farran said: “In small kitchens, designers focus their efforts on creating practical spaces full of positive energy, comfortable for users and attractive in their eyes. From the sink cupboards, according to (ma’am).

And the interior design engineer, Reham Farran, called for the small kitchen space to open up to the living room (or dining room), in order to remove the feeling of tightness from the occupants, especially those who occupy the kitchen for a longer time.

And then the designer is keen to choose harmonious materials and colors between the two spaces connected by a small dining table, for example, some designers prefer that the small kitchen space opens to the living room, in order to keep the feeling of tightness away from the occupants.

On the other hand, if the kitchen is independent of its small area, the latter is designed in the shape of the letter L in a way in which the kitchen occupies two parallel walls, with a space being deposited in the middle for the purpose of facilitating movement, and to suggest that the place is larger.

In the case of the independent kitchen, the architect, Reham, recommends designing many cabinets and drawers on the main wall where the sink is, with two rows of cupboards above its surface, and more cupboards located under the sink’s surface.

In terms of colors, the architect, Reham, calls the owner of the house to choose what she likes for the kitchen cabinets, no matter how narrow the latter, but she advises to focus on a very light color to solve in the space between the surface of the sink and the upper cabinets, the space that usually swallows 65 centimeters high, and for a surface Sink, floor, ceiling and walls.

It is well known that lighting is an integral part of any space. The lighting in the kitchen is designed in a way that it is multiple sources, according to the following: The floor is lit, indirectly, by integrating the lighting units with the lower kitchen cabinets (or drawers).

Shades of light are achieved on the lower cabinets, by integrating the lighting into the space under the sink surface.

The first row of upper cabinets is provided with hidden lighting, so that the surface of the sink is lit.

The spotlight must be present in the second row of the recessed cupboards, with all its light shining on a shutter stationed in the first row.

The idea of ​​”spotlight” is repeated in the ceiling, to light the second row of cabinets attached to the ceiling.

Here are the most important decorating tips for a narrow kitchen:

1. It is recommended to increase the number of drawers, in a small kitchen, so that the aforementioned units accommodate the things.

2. Longitudinal cabinets are designed between the drawers, so that they open in a pull-out manner similar to the drawers, noting that the size of each cabinet is 90 centimeters in height and 20 centimeters in width. The said longitudinal lockers include containers of supplies and bottles.

2. In the event that there is a window, it is useful to use its space by installing open shelves on it, while decorating it with green plants.

3. The refrigerator closes inside a cupboard customized according to its size, in harmony with the cabinets in the place, with the call of Engineer Riham to the importance of reducing the number of electrical appliances for the narrow-space kitchen, and choosing modern multi-tasking tools, such as the built-in gas oven with its functions as the hood (there is no need to buy an extractor hood that rises The gas oven, “gnaws” of space), and the design of the cabinet that houses it, with the “microwave” and in this case, the surface of the sink remains tidy and “clean”.

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