Watch: The most practical decorations for the living room in a narrow house

Watch: The most practical decorations for the living room in a narrow house

It is necessary to have simplicity in home decorations, especially in rooms with limited space, including the living room in which the family gathers to perform several activities, such as watching TV.

In this case, the interior designer, Reham Farran, calls for avoiding the embossed designs on the walls of the TV unit, as well as distributing decorative accessories on the floor, according to (Madam).

American L-shaped furniture paired with a rocking chair (or side bench) looks preferable in a limited living room, or even U-shaped furniture.

In terms of upholstery fabrics, they are colored in one color, such as gray, beige or pink in this context, Farran calls for choosing the main fabric color from medium to light shades.

On the other hand, distinguish four pillows added to the sofa by buying them in a different color from that of the dominant furniture, as the blanket is absent from the sofa, in the narrow living room.

One table is solved until the middle of the room, while abandoning the idea of ​​buying side tables, for the place. It is important to abandon the idea of ​​buying side tables, for the living room with limited space, and for the main table side, the choice is centered around the practical design, and away from the huge design.

The parquet or light-colored ceramic is chosen for the floor, with the ceiling and walls painted with light-colored paint, except for the one that includes the TV. the size.

Design a mirror extending from the floor to the ceiling behind the TV, to suggest that the room is larger than reality, and design a simple curtain of transparent fabric (voile) and light for the window.

One of the walls is decorated with paintings, and a chandelier that takes a specific geometric shape is in the middle of the ceiling made of gypsum boards, or indirect lighting “spots” may be dissolved on it, and on the other hand, fixed lighting is employed in the walls, not the moving ones, which take a place from the floor She has a small rug under the table, but the rug does not cover the entire floor of the room.

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