Watch: The most important decorating ideas and tips for decorating the house on Mother’s Day

Watch: The most important decorating ideas and tips for decorating the house on Mother’s Day

The house has a share of preparations for the celebration of Mother’s Day, as it wears a spring dress through flower arrangements and colors, and is known for decorating through accessories that awaken some senses and “elevate” the mood.

In this context, interior design engineer Najat Al-Hajj revealed a set of decorating ideas for decorating the house on Mother’s Day, according to (Madam).

Mother’s Day Home Accessories

Scented candles awaken the senses of sight and smell, as well as a festive atmosphere in the house. In this context, the engineer invites Najat to decorate the house with a group of candles, choosing her scent derived from the mother’s favorite flowers, or their shapes in the form of flowers, and distributing them in the corners, on the side tables.

Floral arrangements are not absent from the occasion, as they “color” the space with its spring colors, and “revitalize” it, especially the natural ones.

Floral arrangements cannot be attended without “moving” pillows lined with covers that are in harmony with them in terms of color, as with candles in this context. Engineer Najat invites to choose decorative pillows engraved with spring flowers patterns, which adds a feminine and attractive touch to the space, as well as suggests a festive atmosphere for the occasion.

Mother’s Day takes a colorful character in terms of accessories added to the decor, on the occasion to mitigate the strength of spring colors and balance the decor, it is correct to choose photographs of the family with the mother, with their endorsement in black and white.

Ways to light up the house on Mother’s Day:

Colorful neon lights in the form of stimulating or humorous phrases are common in the market.

On Mother’s Day, she chooses a phrase that matches the occasion for the unit that is hung on the white-painted wall, to make it take a festive character. Add to the colorful neon lighting units, light strips fit all occasions.

In this context, they are tucked under the fabrics, so that the latter appears in all its splendor, especially under the dining table or behind the curtain or even the side tables decorated with home accessories for the occasion. Of course, the mentioned lights create a favorable mood on Mother’s Day.

On the other hand, the antique wooden French candlesticks, which are desirable in the “modern” home, reflect elegant feminine touches in the space, where the celebration is indispensable.

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