VIDEO – Tearing moment! A pianist, a mother of two, sings a farewell song to her white piano in the bombed house

VIDEO – Tearing moment!  A pianist, a mother of two, sings a farewell song to her white piano in the bombed house

A heartbreaking moment was captured in a bombed-out house in Ukraine. Resigned, a woman said goodbye to her home, devastated by the blast of an explosion just a few meters from the house, and sang for the last time a song on her beloved piano in the living room.

Professional pianist Irina Maniukina was filmed removing ashes from her piano just hours after a bomb landed 30 meters from her home in Bila Tserkva, south of Kyiv.

Irina Maniukina, 48, was forced to flee her home after an airstrike devastated the entire residential neighborhood on Saturday, March 5th.

The mother of two children, Irina, was filmed lifting a black protective cover from her white piano before playing one last song.

The bomb hit right in the middle of the residential neighborhood

In the house, her daughter, Karina Maniukina, is filming their devastated home, and outside, the neighbors are sitting around a huge crater in the middle of the street.

Don’t judge me, my mother is a professional pianist and she decided to play before giving up our home.“, Wrote the woman’s daughter, during the filming posted on TikTok, she writes Daily Mail.


The pianist’s daughter recounted the moments lived just before the bombing

In the morning, my mother and brother went to the market, and I sat in the kitchen and made pancakes. The night was quiet and there were no siren alarms that morning. I heard no sound and suddenly saw an orange-black cloud to my right. Until then, I hadn’t heard any planes or bombs flying. After the explosion, everything was destroyed in the ashes. I looked around the house and saw that a fire was starting in my brother’s room. I already called my mother and she and my brother hurried back home. When they arrived we put out the fire together. Afterwards, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and my mother decided to gather her thoughts and sit down at the piano. He said goodbye to our houseSaid the woman’s daughter.

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