“United” launches the first episodes of the largest talent discovery program

“United” launches the first episodes of the largest talent discovery program

The first episodes of the “Doom” program will be launched at eleven in the evening tomorrow, and the surprise of the ceremony is the presence of the star Sherine Abdel Wahab, who expressed her happiness to be present in order to support Egyptian talents. United Media Services, in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture, Youth and Sports, and under the supervision and implementation of the Media Hub Saadi-Johar Company.

“United” aims to inject new blood from Egyptian talents, and to meet the wishes of hundreds of talented people who sought care and discovery, and the program will be broadcast exclusively on the on channel.

Preliminary tests to select the distinguished… and fair conditions for all

The producer of the program and the competition, in cooperation with the parties involved in the work, determined the ages of male and female participants to be between 16 and 28 years for singing and acting. As for the submission, the age group ranges between 21 and 28 years, from all Egyptian governorates.

15,000 subscribers have already been tested, and there was priority at the beginning of the tests for the participants applying through the official website, and not the priority of attendance, through a large and huge organization, and the contestants are also required to settle in Cairo in the subsequent stages of the initial tests, near the filming sites.

The first tests map activities were organized in several governorates, through the culture palaces, and the beginning was at the Ismailia Culture Palace, on November 26, then the tests were held in Gharbia Governorate, on November 28, at the Cultural Center in Tanta, followed by Alexandria Governorate, on December 3 and 4 Al-Madi, on the stage of “Sayed Darwish Theater”, arriving at the Luxor Culture Palace in the city of “Al-Bayadia”, on December 7.

A large number of contestants praised setting clear specific conditions for all participants in the new competition, which is for Egyptians only, and the need to include the personal card number in the application for participation.

She stressed that the priority in the tests is for the participants applying through the official website, and not by the priority of attendance, with the necessity of filming a recent video filmed specifically for the competition.

The participant must also be willing to travel and reside in Cairo, during the competition period, if he is accepted in the next stage, and keep his number that appears after registration, and if the participant is selected after applying on the official website, he will be contacted to perform the tests before the program committee in the governorate. its affiliate.

The participant must also notify the program of any health problems or chronic diseases when attending the competition, as soon as he reaches the testing stage.

A giant theater on the island for filming the program… and a closed camp for the contestants

Al-Dustour learned from sources within the work team that the program will be a surprise to everyone in the form and performance that it will come up with, describing the technical and technical preparations as a major leap in the field of programs, and will compete with international programs.

The sources added that the Media Hub company, which supervises and implements the project, chose a distinguished team that is no different from the international teams, in designing decorations, execution, lighting, photography and directing.

She continued, “There will be teams dedicated to managing and dealing with contestants, in addition to a number of star discoverers in the first auditions in various governorates.”

She revealed the selection of a large group to reach the finals from all governorates, and invited them to reside in a closed camp in Cairo, specifically in the Gezira Youth Center, where the contestants gather together to live a long period that began a few days ago.

She added that the closed camp aims to provide an opportunity for participants to integrate and get to know each other more, in addition to benefiting from the advice of performance coaches and developers, in order to hone their skills, and appear in the following episodes during the presentation of the program in a better way.

She pointed out that the area surrounding the Gezira Youth Center is set up on its land the giant theater, which was designed for the new program after inspecting several theaters, and settling on it in order to provide a distinctive form, which the Ministry of Youth and Sports greatly helped in, led by Minister Dr. Ashraf Sahbi.

Production companies are waiting for the winning youth

The jury consists of the great director Khaled Galal, who was able to discover the largest number of artistic talents in Egypt, through the Artistic Creativity Center at the Opera House, with his long history and experience in selecting contestants, and knowing the technical advantages and defects in each artist or applicant.

Galal said, in previous statements, that “it is time to move to discover talents everywhere, not just in Cairo, and to choose distinguished talents,” adding: “This competition is a dream come true, so that only one step remains on professionalism.”

In addition to Galal, there is Dr. Mervat Abu Auf, professor of media at Cairo University, who praised the experience and its implementation, and expressed her admiration for the interaction and enthusiasm of the contestants, noting that she had never imagined that this number of all Egyptian governorates would participate in a huge art competition.

For his part, art critic Tarek El-Shennawy said that it is a good thing that this giant project is being implemented to discover talents, not only in acting, but in many fields.

El-Shennawy added: “We need to inject new talents in all fields, in order to renew and make the artistic community permanently young, and not stop at a particular group that controls the material or form of the work presented to the public.”

He continued, “There are many talented young people who need a real opportunity to appear,” praising the fact that the initial tests are “decentralised”, by holding them in more than one governorate, as the implementing agency seeks to reach talents in villages and centers in the Upper and Lower Egypt.

El-Shennawy revealed that many artistic production companies announced their intention to use the winners in their upcoming works, concluding by saying: “We are waiting for talented people to appear, during the coming period, and I hope the rest of the companies will follow the path and create a new generation of creators in all fields.” .

Participants: An important step on the path to fame and glory

Ahmed Al-Says, one of the young people participating in the competition, said that he is happy to be in this huge event, especially since he has been fond of singing since his childhood, and presented many songs on social media.

“Al-Sais” added that he listened to his sister’s advice to participate in the competition, and indeed he took the initial tests and succeeded in ascending to the next stages, expressing his wish that his voice would reach the audience. He thanked and appreciated the United Media Services Company for this initiative to discover talents, and said: “I did not imagine making all this effort, starting with the cultural palaces in Alexandria and Beheira, to Luxor and Aswan, and certainly those who underwent preliminary tests in their governorates, feel more reassured than others.” Ismail Osama, one of the participants from Gharbia Governorate, said that he participated in the competition immediately after the announcement of the opening of the door to progress, and he underwent the initial tests at the Tanta Culture Palace, and qualified for the next round.

He expressed his wish to skip the next roles of the competition, and participate in meaningful artworks, through his acting talent, and thus enter the world of lights and fame.

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