Ukraine has reoccupied cities and positions

Ukraine has reoccupied cities and positions

Ukrainian forces have re-occupied cities and defensive positions on the eastern outskirts of Kiev, the British Defense Ministry said on Friday in its latest update, quoted by CNN.

“Ukrainian counterattacks and the withdrawal of Russian forces on the oversupply lines have allowed Ukraine to reoccupy cities and defensive positions up to 35 kilometers east of Kyiv,” the ministry said.

“Ukrainian forces are likely to continue trying to push Russian forces back along the northwestern axis from Kyiv to Hostomel airfield.”

In southern Ukraine, “Russian forces are still trying to bypass Mykolaiv as they head west to Odessa, their progress being slowed by logistical problems and Ukrainian resistance,” the ministry added.

According to official Ukrainian reports, the country’s forces recaptured the territories east of Kyiv following intense fighting on Thursday, canceling Russia’s previous gains.

Videos on social networks geolocated by CNN showed Ukrainian troops along with some Russian armored vehicles captured in the small settlement Lukyanovka, about 55 kilometers east of the capital.

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