Types of home lighting… and the art of distributing it

Types of home lighting… and the art of distributing it

There are many types of home lighting, and it plays a major role in beautifying the decorations of the rooms in which it is resolved, as well as coloring them, in addition to its function. Types of lighting include direct and indirect, in addition to
Chandeliers, movable units and light accessories. More about the characteristics of each type of lighting, and the art of distributing it in the home, in information obtained from interior design engineer Reham Farran.

Home lighting between function and beauty

Lighting game between hidden units and “spotlights”
  • The hidden lighting is distributed in plaster, wood or stone work, whether on the walls or ceilings, and it spreads a bright light in the place where it settles, and also increases the value of the interior decoration. In this context, engineer Reham explains that “the intensity of the hidden lighting is controllable, but when it falls on the ceilings, it is bright, and they are colored by the color of the moon or the sun, especially in the reception halls.” She adds that “the hidden lights on the walls play a more cosmetic than functional role, so it is possible to reduce their intensity, as well as diversify their colors, bearing in mind that this type of lighting aims to highlight the wall on which it is installed exclusively, and not the entire area of ​​the room.” She pointed out that “this type of lighting is found in children’s bedrooms in its colorful form, and it may come from the lower side of the study desk, behind the shelves, or in the master bedrooms, where it is used with low intensity on the ceilings, behind the beds, or its edges, and on the tops of upper cabinets.”
    Different types of lighting in the kitchen

    As for the kitchens, it is desirable because it lights up the cupboards, the floor and the ceilings (at the end of the shelf), or you may replace the spotlight with it in the latter.

  • Spotlights are available in various sizes, shapes and colors, and they play a cosmetic role in home decorations, and are installed on ceilings that know decorations of different materials, such as plaster and false ceilings. Note that the intense use of this type of lighting in a specific area is enough to spread a bright light. On the other hand, the “spotlight” creates shadows on the walls, in the presence of sufficient hidden lighting.
  • Moving lights carry several elements of various sizes, some of them are floor and others are for tables, shelves or walls covered with any material.
    A unit of movable table lighting

    It spreads a romantic light in the room it occupies.

    A luminous accessory that beautifies the space in which it is located

    Luminous accessories fall under this category of lighting, which may be powered by electrical energy, solar energy, or…

Chandeliers are the main light source

The presence of the chandelier is indispensable for lighting the house

On the other hand, the presence of chandeliers, which is a major source of lighting in the rooms of the house, is indispensable, according to engineer Reham, who explains to the readers of “Madam.net” that “hidden lighting cannot replace chandeliers, which are available in countless designs.”

Interior Design Engineer Reham Farran

It calls for coordination between the chandeliers, their colors, and the contents of the rooms in which they are located, especially the furniture, accessories and decoration works.

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