Trending trends in dining room decorations in 2022

Trending trends in dining room decorations in 2022

There are many furniture trends for the dining room in 2022, noting that the aforementioned space for the gathering of family members, relatives and friends around the dining banquet, is often characterized by boldness in the interior decoration, and in a different way from other sections of the house. In the following, interior design engineer Najat Al-Hajj talks to “” about the new in dining room furniture.

Trendy decorations in modern dining rooms

Modern bohemian-influenced dining room

The bohemian style, which is strongly desired to be restored in homes, recently entered the living rooms, initially, but it spread to the dining rooms, and spread a special character in them. In this context, the engineer, Najat, calls for the use of light and simple wood for this room, within the style, whether it is related to the table or chairs, with the latter choosing a variety of designs, so that the chair is not similar to the other, except in terms of the aforementioned light wood and the fabric used in the upholstery, Which makes the decor “fresh”. In addition, a fur blanket is placed on one of the chairs, or on two pairs of them. Concerning the popular colors, under the umbrella of this style, for the dining room, engineer Najat says that it is earthy and “nude”, with the importance of grafting the decor scene with handmade accessories.

Interior Design Engineer Najat Al-Hajj

Engineer Najat, on the other hand, talks about another character steeped in modernity for the dining room, and a restaurant with high-end touches; It bears the aforementioned character, unique forms of dining room chairs, prominent in the strong, unconventional colors of these pieces, including: blue, green and red, and the use of velvet in the upholstery, noting the low heights of the chairs and the dining table. The latter has huge circular menus.
In addition, there is the dining table made of layers of glass, in a design known since ancient times, suitable for the classic style, as well as for the detailed room, which was cut according to the request of the owner of the house, in a way that combines the old and modern “design” under one roof. As for the chairs for the aforementioned table, they are made of iron “chrome” or bronze, with the cloth entering the aforementioned design, which highlights the elegance, with charming touches. A classic chandelier is done by the scenery.
There is the dining room influenced by a combination of décor and artistic times; It is true that the chairs in the room are upholstered with the same fabric, and are designed from the same wood, but the shape of each chair dates back to a specific time period in decoration, such as: the classic French style and the “modern” style… In this type of decoration, each piece tells a specific story, It attracts attention, with a little fun, and a lot of informality.

A model of the dining room that follows the industrial style in its design

The industrial-style dining room is in vogue in 2022, with the introduction of a thick iron table, framed in clear, porous wood, as well as iron (or built-in iron) chairs. Within the aforementioned style, the dining room looks masculine, modern, youthful and simple.

luxury black

Modern black design dining table

There is a tendency to make the dining room, whether its components i.e. its tables and chairs are made of thin and soft iron or wood (without upholstery in both cases), drenched in black, to instill a feeling of luxury in the place, as well as silence. In this room, the chandelier steals the attention or even the carpet, in addition to the walls rich in drilling or other work

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