The youth of “Treasure of the World” dazzled me during rehearsals

The youth of “Treasure of the World” dazzled me during rehearsals

Theatrical performance for People of Determination “Treasure of the World” continues in BThe leadership of the artist and director Ashraf Abdel Baqi, “Trend” on the social networking site “Twitter” and the search engine “Google”, especially that it is the first theatrical artwork that deals with the lives of people of determination and discusses social issues related to them in a comprehensive and different manner, as well as the nature of suspense and comedy that it presents, With the amazing acting performance of his heroes.

The star Ashraf Abdel Baqi, told Al-Dustour, the scenes of the main stations in the events of the play “Kinz Al-Dunya”, the general context around it, the details of the show and its characters, which is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Solidarity and produced by the United Media Services Company, organized by Tazkarti and implemented by Work Shop .

Ashraf Abdel-Baqi confirmed to Al-Dustour that he started special preparations for the play, in mid-December, after the “Able to Differ” celebration witnessed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, noting that he had developed a tight plan for the exit of work with measures that guarantee the empowerment of people of determination, and their integration through a project A new and unique theatrical play, in which “efforts to empower our children of determination become an integral part and priority that aims to improve the lives of citizens in general,” according to the president’s directives.

The role of the United Nations and the Ministry of Solidarity

Abdel-Baqi expressed his happiness with the reactions he received to the play “Treasure of the World”, since the promotional posters for the show were presented, passing through the special show.

And about how he chose and prepared for the idea of ​​the first theatrical project on the life of “people of determination” in particular, Abdel-Baqi said that he is always looking for different and distinctive projects, whether directed or acting, indicating that he agreed with the authors, Issa Jamal and Walid Hindi, to write a social work that was not discussed. His idea was previously in the Arab world, within the framework of the efforts of the United Company to support serious Egyptian theater, discover new talents, in addition to integrating people of determination into society more and highlighting their talents through theater.

He stressed that the “United” provided all possible support for the exit of work in cooperation with the executing workshop, as it provided high-quality photographic equipment for all their artwork, in addition to special equipment for the prevention of the “Corona virus”, and contracting with a private company to sterilize the entire theater in order to preserve the work team. entire.

Young people of determination impressed me with their intelligence

As for the difficulties he faced during the preparations, “Abdel-Baqi” indicated that he did not encounter any significant difficulties, as he was surprised during the preparations and rehearsals by the intelligence of the youth, praising the role of all those in charge of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, led by Dr. Nevin Al-Qabbaj, who contributed to the nomination and sponsorship of a large group of People of determination have special talents during preparations, as well as everyone in his own squad and those working behind the cameras, and the great effort made by Engineer Mahmoud Sami in designing the decorations that dazzled everyone and contributed greatly to bringing out the work in its best form, stressing that it is scheduled to be completed Establishing special shows for the play during the coming period, then it will be shown on one of the platforms and the DMC channel network, and it will be directed to television by the great director Saeed Hamed.

Heroes and makers of “Treasure of the World”

“Kinz al-Dunya” is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Solidarity and organized by Tazkarti Company and implemented by Work Shop. It is based on a lite social scenario and dialogue that discusses the society’s view of people of determination, and contains dramatic situations based on comic paradoxes, in which there is no space for manipulation or spent platitudes. The duo Issa Jamal and Walid Hindi, directed by Ashraf Abdel Baqi, the owner of the basic idea, who developed different features for all participants in the work, which includes a large group of young people of determination, including Ahmed Tarek, the swimming champion for people of determination, and Sama Rami, the first student to join the College of Transport and Logistics at the Arab Academy for Technology Science and Maritime Transport in Egypt, and the first Dawn Goodwill Ambassador; In addition to a large group of theater stars, including Yasmine Samir, Abram Samir, Ali Al-Masry, Malak Yasser, and Sherif Hosni; The lyrics for the play’s songs were written by the great poet Ayman Bahgat Qamar, the decorations were designed by Dr. Mahmoud Sami and composed by Shadi Owaida.

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