The most beautiful short hair styles – your crown

The most beautiful short hair styles – your crown
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Short Hair Styles 2021

short hair It has many haircuts that suit your personality, and your different occasions, in addition to that short hair styles Suitable for new beginnings, such as the beginning of a new year, if you have the courage to come to the album above The most beautiful short haircuts Choose what suits you, with knowledge of short hairstyles and how to take care of it.

Short haircut with frontal bangs

This haircut may be a classic haircut, but it suits women with a long face and works to hide prominent facial flaws.

short pixie story

One of the bold hairstyles that not many girls do, but it suits your short hair, for fear that the hair will not grow long again, and you may need a haircut by a professional expert to get perfect results.

The story of asymmetric curry

The short curry cut is one of the favorite cuts of many women and girls and is suitable for your short hair. It is a practical and comfortable story that does not require much time to groom or comb the hair.

Swedish Karite haircut

It is based on the Kari haircut but is layered, with the front part being longer than the back part.

Short straight hair

This story seems clear from its name, which is a short haircut with attention to the equal ends of your short hair.

The story of the boy with the side difference

The boi cut with the side part is an attractive and distinctive cut that gives you a lively younger look for your short hair.

Layered short hair

Layered short hair layers an elegant and soft cut that suits all face shapes and is suitable for your short hair, you can apply it with the side graduated bangs as well.

Pop story included

Short hair to the neck with an uneven length on the sides and back, is the bob cut that has been very popular in recent years for your short summer hair.

The story of the Planet Pop

This haircut was created for people of mystery, as it is very wonderful and is considered one of the easy, abstaining and appropriate haircuts for your short hair, in which the hair is relatively short and even from the ends. When you let your hair loose, it wraps your face, adding mystery to your personality.

Baji’s story

Boy is one of the bold cuts for your short hair, which is a cut from the front and the hair is graduated to the back. So that the hair is short, and it resembles a circle at the end, with the eyes hidden.

bang story

The bangs are one of the important and renewed trends in every season of beauty, as they are suitable for women with long hair as well as short hair, but for every face shape there are bangs styles suitable for it, whether it is a round, oval or long face, and since short hair has Its beautiful and attractive elegance at the same time, the bangs styles add more beauty to women with short hair.

Short hair is characterized by liveliness and ease, which suggests starting so here are hairstyles that suit your short hair as follows:

tufting hairstyle

You can create a hairstyle for your short hair by attaching tufts of hair from both sides of the hair while leaving the rest of the hair hanging from the back.

Interlocking braids hairstyle

It is considered one of the distinctive hairstyles for your short hair, as the braids overlap from the front of the hair to its ends, and this hairstyle is suitable for girls with short hair at university or school.

Pull-down hairstyle

You can also make a hairstyle for your short hair by pulling all the hair back and working on wrapping it by hand and inserting it in the middle of the hair and fixing it with dedicated pins, while leaving the hair from the front down to the front, and it is considered one of the easiest hairstyles that you can implement quickly.

Curly hair with small waves

You can style your short hair with a distinctive and modern hairstyle, which is curly hair, by wetting the hair with water and getting rid of any tangles in it by styling.

You have to apply a hair cream and divide the hair into multiple sections and wrap the hair strands on the cylindrical circles from the ends to reach the roots and secure them with hairpins.

We leave the hair to dry completely, then remove the rollers without styling the hair, then you get a wonderful curly hairstyle for short hair that is suitable for going out for walks and evenings as well.

Curly hair with big waves

Curly hair with big waves gives a more youthful and vibrant look to your short hair, and you can easily get it.

short wave hairstyle

Short hair with soft waves is the perfect hairstyle for women with a round and full face, as it highlights more femininity and attractiveness to your short hair.

short straight hairstyle

For a youthful hairstyle, you can leave the hair completely straight and style the front hair strands on one side of the face, and this hairstyle suits your short hair.

hair splitting hairstyle

A hairstyle suitable for leaving the house during the day, whether for a walk or work, by dividing the hair and making two braids on both sides of the hair, connecting it from the back and fixing it using special hairpins, for a cheerful look to your short hair.

Taking care of short hair is easier than taking care of long hair, which is difficult to reach the proper hydration and nutrition from the scalp to the ends, and although short hair will be less effort in care, you should follow the following tips to enjoy healthy short hair:

  • Use products that are suitable for your hair, such as shampoo, conditioner, and cream bath that are suitable for the nature of coarse hair, and do not try to straighten it with chemicals.
  • Always use cold water to wash your hair, as cold water maintains the strength of your hair and protects the hair from breaking, and if it is difficult for you to shower with cold water in winter, you can cool it or bend your head forward and wash your hair only with cold water away from your body.
  • Provide your hair with proper and proper hydration by purchasing good, chemical-free products, and use them at least once a week.
  • Style your hair carefully, by choosing the type of comb with wide teeth so that your comb is wooden.
  • Minimize the use of high-temperature electric tools that are harmful to your hair, as using them continuously leads to the roughness of your hair and make it dry and stripped of its natural softness and luster.
  • Dry your hair with cold air to reduce the damage that can be caused by the hot air of a hair dryer. If you have to use a blow-dryer, take care of choosing the appropriate brush with wide and spaced teeth while keeping the blowdry air away from your hair and moving the brush constantly without concentrating the heat on one area of ​​your hair strand.
  • Do not use products that contain harsh chemicals on your hair such as sodium, ammonium sulfate and sulfate, which are harmful detergents; It leads to damage and thinning of your hair, and this substance is often found in shampoos and hair dyes that cause frizz.
  • Eat whole grains instead of products made of white flour, such as white bread and pasta, because whole grains provide vitamin B of all kinds, which regulate the hormones involved in the hair growth process. With the intake of sources of vitamin D, which enhances the quality of hair.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables of yellow and orange color, because they contain vitamin A, which promotes the health of the glands of the scalp. Eat citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, tomatoes, and strawberries, as they are rich in vitamin C, which protects hair from breakage.
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