The most beautiful looks of Nancy Ajram in 2021

The most beautiful looks of Nancy Ajram in 2021
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Nancy Ajram She has simple and attractive looks at the same time, varying in her makeup between light and heavy makeup, while her hairstyles are predominant Nancy Ajram The wavy hair, while her hair colors vary between different shades of brown and blond, as we collected for you in the above album The most beautiful looks of Nancy Ajram in 2021.

Nancy Ajram has white skin, fits different types of makeup, but the fashion in 2021 was nude colors, and here are the steps for applying makeup, to shine with an attractive look like Nancy Ajram as follows:

  • Before applying any makeup, be sure to clean and moisturize your skin well.
  • Then apply a light layer of moisturizing cream before applying makeup.
  • Then apply a first layer of foundation, and then apply a second layer or powder, especially if you have oily skin.
  • You can also apply a cream blusher on the temples. Choose it in beige or pale pink.
  • Then apply a light layer of foundation and powder on your lips, and then apply a pale pink or beige lipstick.
  • For the eyes, use a transparent mascara, and if you want to apply eyeliner, it should be light honey.

Rules for choosing makeup colors:

  • Choose a foundation color that is close to your original skin tone. If you want a bright look, you can choose it only one shade lighter.

  • Apply a layer of the highlighter “Highlight” to the temples, the nosebone, the middle of the forehead and the chin bone.

  • Do not apply powder if you have oily skin, and instead choose creamy cosmetics, whether this is a foundation, lipstick, or eye shadow.

  • Skip the reddish tones, and instead opt for earthy, coppery and gold tones for a nude look like Nancy Ajram.

  • Avoid shades of violet, fuchsia and orange, and choose calm colors with natural shades such as olive and beige.

  • Choose black eyeliner, but do not thicken it with black mascara. Think of colors other than black as well, such as indigo and brown.

  • Avoid pastel colors in your choices, especially in eye make-up, to appear naturally radiant, like Nancy Ajram.

Pull-down hairstyles

Nancy Ajram adopts the drop-hair hairstyle in most of her looks, despite the diversity of hairstyles and their differences in our time, but there are many singers who prefer loose-haired hairstyles like Nancy Ajram in most of her looks, and long hair is the best options in hairstyles, it gives an opportunity to choose Any hairstyle, whether through the half-lifted long hair of the recent hairstyles, it gives a tyrannical femininity besides being soft and elegant, or the shino hairstyle.

bun hairstyles

Nancy Ajram adopted the completely low bun hairstyle in one of her looks, and it was of an elegant and sweet appearance, and there is a half bun hairstyle with wavy tufts, suitable for all types of hair, whether short, long or medium, through a half-lift hairstyle on the sides with some drop tufts.

Wifi’s hairstyle

The idea of ​​a mid-hair may seem classic, but by adding a touch of sexy wavy to the hair, you will get an attractive look like Nancy Ajram, try spreading your wavy waves sparsely like Nancy Ajram, even if your hair color is blonde. This hairdo is very suitable for you.

ponytail hairstyle

A classic style that is firmly back on top of soft weave hairstyles for long hair, leaving half the hair up in a ponytail and leaving the back half of the hair behind a ponytail, is a very easy hairstyle that gives your hair a glamorous feminine look like Nancy Ajram.

Layered hairstyle

This hairstyle depends on creating some messy layers in long wavy hair, and is very suitable for occasions and evenings, and you can enter one of the modern colors such as light brown or blond for those layers by consulting your hair stylist.

retro hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the most luxurious hairstyles on occasions and parties, especially for women with long and thick hair, where the hair is corrugated widely, then arrange these waves to look consistent and consistent, then put them on one side of the head or leave them on the back, drop down and decorate the hair with clips To give a luxurious and elegant look.

Light brown hair dye

The light brown hair color is considered one of the most suitable for all skin types and colors, as it is a lively and modern color, and one of the latest hair coloring techniques, for a more striking and distinct look and to show the freshness of your face such as Nancy Ajram.

Chocolate brown hair dye

Chocolate brown hair is one of the popular colors, and this color is characterized by the fact that it helps you lighten your skin color and adds luster and freshness to it. .

Multidimensional brown hair dye

Multi-dimensional brown hair is one of the most popular colors this year. If you are looking for a striking color that makes you the focus of everyone’s attention, then you just have to adopt this color; It is the most color that combines various shades of brown, so that the beholder is confused in determining its degree, wavy colors have been chosen for every bold woman looking for a striking look that is unlike any other.

Dye dark brown hair with cream blond

Dark brown hair dye with cream blond is on the throne of hair color fashion, and this color may be one of the colors that emerged in the world of hair dye trends, It is easy to apply whatever the natural hair color, and it is one of the vibrant hair colors that enhances your brilliance and the beauty of your look, so do not hesitate to adopt it if you are tired of your current hair color.

Hazel brown hair dye

The brown color is one of the fashion trends of 2021, where the honey brown color presides over the trends of hair dye colors, and it may be a great option, as it suits different skin colors, and it recorded a strong presence for Nancy Ajram, and you can shine with it for a warm and youthful look at the same time, as it increases softness The features of your face.

Dark brown roots with golden blond

Dark brown roots with golden blond is in line with the most prominent hair fashions, and this method relies on a dark hair look at the roots, which starts with the ombré technique from the middle to the end, and it is one of the most beautiful colors adopted by world famous people, you must also try it like Nancy Ajram.

brown blond cocoa

This color is included in the list of the most popular 2021 colors, this color is a mixture of shades of brown and light brown, and it reflects the color of mocha, that is, light coffee with milk and cocoa to obtain a very contrasting and shiny result, and is characterized by its modernity, and is ideal for those who want to obtain a darker color without relying uniform color;

light chestnut brown

Light chestnut brown is suitable for all skin colors and is one of the popular colors. Add a distinctive touch to your hair and adopt the light chestnut color, which is one of the most requested hair dyes for women, as it matches all skin colors, and is considered the most popular this year.

Blond brown hair

Blond blonde hair is a popular color. The blonde-brown hair dye, which is called bronde, is one of the distinctive and popular shades in 2021. Nancy Ajram In several views.

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