The mistake many people make when making rice pudding. How much rice is put, actually

The mistake many people make when making rice pudding.  How much rice is put, actually

It may seem simple to make rice with milk, but even this recipe has its secret. Even some housewives still make mistakes when it comes to a recipe they know from their mothers and grandmothers. What are the details you need to pay attention to? What measure do you need to use and how much rice is actually put? Below are the steps you need to follow for a fabulous, simple and delicious dessert!

What mistake do you make when making rice pudding?

Rice pudding is at the top of desserts that remind everyone of childhood. This is on the children’s wish list, along with the colorful cake, pancakes, fruit sponge cake or the well-known pancakes. Although it seems very easy to make, it has some secrets like any other recipe.

You need milk and rice, but you can make it spectacular if you add cinnamon or orange peel. To prepare one of the best breakfasts you need to know the quantities. Rice pudding is a great first meal, but it can also be served as a sweet snack.

Specifically, to a liter of milk you need to put two glasses of rice, which means about 460 grams of cereal. Thus, for half a liter of milk, a single glass of rice, about 230 grams, is enough.

How much milk should you put on?

Instead, for 1 liter and a half of milk you will need to put about 3 cups of rice, or about 690 grams. If you have a large family or many friends to serve with your childhood dessert, you should use 920 grams of rice per 2 liters of milk.

The most important step is to wash the rice very well under a stream of cold water in a sieve. It is first boiled in salted water until it swells, during which time you bring the milk to the same boiling point, then combine them.

It can be served with orange peel or fruit, but the most popular option is the one that contains cinnamon. Of course for other recipes you need to know exactly how to cook rice. There are several types and ways to cook it.

The cooking time is different depending on what you want to eat. You don’t have to worry if you put it in the sarmale because it has the role of tying the composition, so it doesn’t matter how much it is cooked before or after it is added to the meat with spices.

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