The gold price in Morocco today, Monday, February 28

The gold price in Morocco today, Monday, February 28

Rabat – Morocco today

We show you the price of gold in Morocco today, Monday, February 28, 2022, an updated table on the latest daily prices for the local Moroccan market for the sale of gold metal in grams, kilos, ounces, in manufactured places and traders, for everyone who is interested in forex trading and buying and selling raw and manufactured gold metal from investors and prospectors On marriage with men and women of all calibers (24, 22, 18, 14, 12 calibers), we show you according to the Moroccan economy for the day and throughout the month.

We offer new price changes for the economy of the Kingdom of Morocco and seek to provide the best daily and exclusive services to meet the needs of our valued visitors and now with a detailed table of gold price changes for today and the previous days of the week.

The average price of a gram of gold in the money market in Morocco in Moroccan dirhams
Unit Moroccan dirham American dollar European Euro
24 karat gold price 585.76 $61.47 €55.15
22 karat gold price 536.95 $56.34 €50.55
21 karat gold price 512.55 $53.78 €48.25
18 karat gold price 439.33 $46.10 €41.36
14 karat gold price 341.70 $35.86 €32.17
12 karat gold price 292.88 $30.73 €27.57
gold ounce price 18,217 $1,912 €1,715
gold pound price 4,100 $430.27 €386.02
The price of a kilo of gold 585,761 $61,466 €55,145

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