The first pictures from the engagement ceremony of the artist Magdy Sobhi and the media, Mona Al-Alfi

The first pictures from the engagement ceremony of the artist Magdy Sobhi and the media, Mona Al-Alfi


Dot Al Khaleej monitors the engagement of the artist Magdy Sobhi to the media, Mona Al Alfi.

Simon announces the engagement of Magdy Sobhi

The artist Simone was keen to congratulate the duo on this happy occasion, by posting a picture of them from the engagement ceremony through her official account on the photo and short video exchange site “Instagram”, and commented on her saying: “Congratulations to my friend and brother, respected artist Magdy Sobhi and the beautiful friend of the media, Mona Al-Alfi. May God bless you and you.”

Magdy Sobhi’s health crisis

On the other hand, the artist Magdy Sobhi was exposed to a sudden health crisis, after which he was transferred to the hospital, where he was suffering from high blood sugar, which led to his imbalance.

And then he apologized for participating in the play Al-Madaq Alley by the artist Adel Abdo, which was taken from a novel of the same name by the writer Naguib Mahfouz.

The play “Al-Madaq Alley” was prepared for him by director Adel Abdo about three years ago with a large work team, the poet Muhammad al-Sawaf, who transformed the novel into a theatrical work. Music by David Daoud.

The novel Al-Midaq Alley was published in 1947. The novel takes its name from one of the alleys branching from Al-Sanadqiah lane in Al-Hussein district in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif district in Cairo. The novel takes place in this small alley in the forties of the twentieth century, and turned this novel into a movie with the same name as the novel, starring the Egyptian artist Shadia, the story takes place in the forties and the Second World War and its impact on the Egyptians, and is considered the heroine of the story of Al-Madaq Alley is Hamida, whose story ended in the arms of the English officers, and with this course she ended the story of her fiancé, who was murdered by the English officers.

Retirement and return of Magdy Sobhi to art

It is worth noting that the artist Magdy Sobhi recently announced his retirement from acting, due to the decline of art, and stressed that he could not submit such works because they would reduce his dignity.

Soon, the director of Al-Madaq Alley announced Magdy Sobhi’s retreat through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, saying: “Praise be to God, the very distinguished artist Magdy Sobhi has returned to his fans and his art again, and we are waiting for us soon in a great work of art.”

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