The fastest pancake recipe. I’m ready to say “sweetie”

The fastest pancake recipe.  I’m ready to say “sweetie”

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Pancakes are among the most popular and handy desserts, easy to prepare even for the least skilled in cooking. Whether you want to sweeten your family on a Sunday afternoon, or you have guests and you want to prepare something good and quick for them, pancakes are the best

good choice!

Quick pancake recipe

If you have a craving for something sweet and don’t have enough time to cook, here’s our quick pancake recipe! Here’s how easy it is to prepare and what ingredients you need for the fastest pancake recipe!

The fastest pancake recipe. I’m ready to say “sweetie”

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350 flour

3 eggs

50 g melted butter

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500 ml of cold milk

250 ml of mineral water

a pinch of salt

optional: vanilla, lemon peel

frying oil

Method of preparation

First, beat the eggs with a blender or whisk until foamy. Top with melted and slightly cooled butter, salt and half the amount of milk. Gradually add the flour and continue to mix. Dilute the composition with the rest of the milk and finally add the mineral water.

Preferably, you can also add vanilla and lemon peel.

The pancake batter should be smooth, smooth and without lumps. If the dough has lumps, strain it through a fine sieve until smooth.

Then heat the pan, preferably non-stick. No oil is needed in this case, but to avoid the risk of sticking to the pan you can pour a drop. Pour a uniform amount of dough with a polish and fry the pancakes on one side and then on the other.

Finally, fill the pancakes with whatever composition you prefer. The whole cooking process should take a maximum of 15-20 minutes!

Suggestions for delicious pancake fillings

In addition to the classic jam, you can combine pancakes with lots of other tasty fillings! Here are 5 suggestions for delicious pancakes to serve with pancakes!

The fastest pancake recipe. I’m ready to say “sweetie”

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  • Ganache chocolate cream: melt quality chocolate, broken into pieces, in liquid cream, when it cools we mix until it increases in volume;
  • Pan-fried fruit with butter and brown sugar: add a little butter, let it melt a little, then add the sugar, when it starts to melt, put the sliced ​​fruit and sauté for a few minutes. At the end, we put the fruit in pancakes together with the cream cheese.
  • Mascarpone cream with cocoa and cognac: mix the mascarpone cheese until slightly softened, add the cognac and mix, then add a few teaspoons of cocoa, mix, finally add powdered sugar to taste and… again: mix;
  • Chocolate cream with a cherry: melt the chopped chocolate in liquid cream, let it cool, then take the cold butter and put it in turn, mix until it reaches volume. Put the cream on the pancakes, then add the cherries;
  • Cream cheese with orange peel: mix the cream cheese with sugar and lemon peel and a lemon essence, mix and it is good to spread on the pancake sheet.
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