The fashion of hair colors for winter 2021… and the secret of not splitting and preserving it

The fashion of hair colors for winter 2021… and the secret of not splitting and preserving it

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During the winter, hair goes through stages of damage, including breakage, fragility, and lack of hydration in many times, as hot water affects it as well as frequent washing in the dry weather in winter, and humidity also affects the shape and size of the hair, so it requires more care during the winter than in the rest of the seasons.

There are steps and stages of hair care that girls must do in the winter, starting with the correct hair washing times, passing through the use of moisturizers, creams and other hair care products.

Many women and girls are looking for the fashion of hair colors during this winter, and the correct ways to keep the hair from splitting and brittleness and also to keep it from falling out, so the hairdresser “Karim Al-Zanati” explains these matters in the following lines.

Fashionable hair colors for winter 2021

Hairdresser Karim Al-Zanati said that hair dye colors for this winter are heading towards light blonde colors, as they are still on the scene since last summer, in addition to long hair as well, which is a fashion for winter 2021-2022, so it is necessary to take care of hair and go to hairdressers at least once a week For hair styling and baths with oils and cream, according to its type, in addition to preventing it from being exposed to dryness and breakage.

Al-Zanati added that what bombards the hair is the frequent washing of it. The hair is washed once a week, with the use of a moisturizing hair mask to keep it from frizz, and the ends of the hair are cut by a specialist from time to time.

Long hair care tips

The website “Style Craze”, presented a number of tips that can be followed to care for long hair, including:

Use the right hairbrush

With long hair, a bristle brush or a wet brush should be the best choice, as your hairbrush helps smooth the hair shaft to reduce any breakage.

The brush made of natural fibers helps reduce friction to a minimum when brushing, so the hair does not fall out on any knots, leaving hair smooth and silky without pulling hair strands. And the reliable wet brush does a great job as the bristles curve around any tangles, putting less stress on the hair.

long hair combing

Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up rather than the top down, this ensures that there is no pressure on the roots, minimizing damage.

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