The best way to use sculptures in the interiors of the home

The best way to use sculptures in the interiors of the home
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Elaf: Everyone resorts to changing the color of the paint, furnishings, wallpaper, or decorations to renew the space around them with quick touches. But they overlook the importance of artwork and sculptures that add a touch of beauty to the interior without the need to completely renovate the home’s décor or make drastic changes to it.

Sculptures that are placed on the ground
Short columns and plinths can be added as the easiest and best way to add a touch of liveliness that attracts the attention of the guests, by choosing designs that suit the beauty of the place and placing them on the floor in the visible corners.

Sculptures that are placed on the shelves
Stunning decorations can be achieved by adding decorative carvings to the shelves, small and large carvings and different colors can be combined to create an exceptional collection that matches your tastes and preferences.
A little styling tip: It’s best to arrange the small pieces in the foreground and the larger pieces in the background.

Sculptures placed on tables and desks
Attention should also be paid to decorating the empty surfaces in the rooms, where bold, striking, modern and modern pieces can be chosen, to give the home décor an amazing touch, and leave a special impression on the guests.

Bonus tip: It is best to avoid too many sculptures, to ensure that each sculpture has a special space that shines in its center, and you should avoid placing sculptures in the middle of clutter, and finally, they should be well lit.

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