The art of gingerbread carving…Amazing figurines If you don’t like it, you can eat it!

The art of gingerbread carving…Amazing figurines If you don’t like it, you can eat it!

The art of ginger carving looks weird and unfamiliar, instead of the usual decorations, artist Caroline Erickson uses ginger to carve pieces of art that are mysterious and cute at the same time.

Norwegian actress Caroline EricksonShe took the art of sculpture to an advanced level, instead of adorable Christmas decorations, she uses gingerbread to carve true masterpieces, naughty and beautiful.

Ginger Queen Nightmares

Erickson Ginger Carving first began making gingerbread artwork in 2013. Since then, the artist has created a steady stream of ambitious works that spark the imagination, and gingerbread sculpture typically takes five weeks to complete, although projects continue to expand. .

These represent a far cry from the traditional gingerbread houses she made as a child with her family. But even then, Erickson remembers wondering what she can really do with ginger, and the results prove surprising.

It all started with an amazing figurine I made based on a Hollywood movie, and participated in a gingerbread competition in 2013, where I watched the movie in search of ideas and quickly developed a strategy to design a gingerbread sculpture or gingerbread art using simple interiors to create the foundational structure. She then added layers to these basic structures and building details and decorating work. After taking first place in her artwork, the idea spread in magazines and online, which is an excellent run.


Erikson begins by choosing a subject for her gingerbread artwork and initially designing it with a sketch, and uses this sketch to develop a wireframe that serves as a basic support for the sculpture. This wireframe also helps her judge the proportions of the piece.

From there, I started layering my gingerbread pieces on the frame, using strategically placed melted sugar to hold them together, but if you assume Ericsson relies on store-bought gingerbread, you’re wrong she bakes all of her pieces herself, ensuring that the material It has the right texture and firmness for every project that requires about 15 pounds of flour and 11 packages of sugar to complete.

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