Simple and functional decorations in small kitchens

Simple and functional decorations in small kitchens

The narrow kitchen may represent one of the negatives in the modern house, as it hinders the owner (or owner) of the house from performing work freely in it, and does not allow the presence of more than one or two people inside it. However, interior designers are keen to work on this space, so that it has an attractive view, while giving importance to the process. In the following, interior designer Rana Abu Faisal talks about the tips used in designing small, simple kitchens with decor. On the other hand, she invites the owner of the house, which includes a very narrow kitchen, to make its space open to the living room.

Light colors in the small kitchen

Light colors are preferred in a narrow kitchen

Light and neutral colors, as well as natural wood, suit the kitchen with limited space. In addition, the green touch of plants, artificial or natural, is sweet.
On the other hand, in the presence of the window, it is used so that the small space appears bright, and the thick curtains that block the natural light are not separated from it. And if you want to “revive” the space with bold colors, the latter are for mobile accessories.

Small kitchen design ideas

One of the basics in the design of a narrow kitchen is to place the dishwasher, gas oven, and refrigerator in the form of a triangle, so that it is easy to move between them.
  • In a small kitchen, do not lose sight of the design of a working space; The dishwasher, gas oven, and refrigerator are all placed in a triangle shape, so that it is easy to move between them, while preparing meals.
  • The number of cabinets, especially the upper ones, is reduced, with the incorporation of open wall shelves with closed cabinets devoid of handles (open by touch) and those with glass fronts, for an attractive look in the décor. On the other hand, it is useful to divide the insides of cabinets and drawers, so as to accommodate all the purposes, as well as the good arrangement of utensils on the shelves. Note that clutter is off-putting in a small kitchen.
The kitchen area is illuminated, making it easier to do work
  • The space is lit in a way that facilitates the performance of work, especially inside the cupboards, with the benefit of sunlight. If Al Jazeera is present at the venue, the space is illuminated by hanging lights.
  • Choose a high-quality extractor hood, so that cooking smells do not stick to the space.
  • It is useful to allocate a small place for eating or an “island” used for this purpose, as well as for work, but if the space does not accommodate that, the place for food can be a retractable surface in order to spread the dishes on it, then, it closes while not in use.
Interior Design Engineer Rana Abu Faisal
  • Pave the area between the sink and the upper cabinets. In this context, engineer Rana explains that “the same material is used on the surface of the sink, in the space between the sink and the upper cabinets, and in the same color, for a minimalist and contemporary look in the decor, and to reduce the amount of colors in the place.
The sink is not designed to be infinitely small because that would turn the kitchen into a “messy”
  • The electric appliances (gas oven, fridge…) are chosen small in size, and are integrated into the design.
  • The round or curved shape is appropriate in a small kitchen, and the design impresses with softness.
  • It is preferable to make the dishwasher “closed” inside a cupboard, so as not to “chop” from the space of the workplace.
  • Draws the choice of all cutlery and cooking utensils, in one color (light).
  • The design of the sitting bench in the kitchen, in a way that carries a place for storage inside.
  • Choose a rug appropriate for the size of the kitchen.
  • The sink is not designed infinitely small, because that would make the kitchen “messy”.

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