Signature shapes for wall shelves in modern decorations

Signature shapes for wall shelves in modern decorations
In addition to the role of shelves, in carrying books and accessories, they are finally taking on additional importance, as many designers have worked so hard on the materials they make, so that they appear as points of attraction, drawing attention to them in home decor, in addition to their “load” of accessories.

Wood, iron and glass in making modern shelves

There are many materials that make shelves, mainly wood, metal (iron in particular) and glass, with the attractiveness of mixing the mentioned materials, according to the nature of the interior decoration. In addition, shelves beautify the walls and add value to them, especially those that take geometric shapes or forms of nature (beehive, for example) or even those that allow their owners to “manipulate” their parts, and choose the way according to which they are distributed on the wall.

Wall shelves in modern decorations

In the following, the interior design engineer Najat Al-Hajj talks to “” about popular forms of wall shelves:

A model of the Fishbone Shelf or a wooden zigzag shelf, several units of which are distributed on the wall (photo from
  • Fishbone Shelf is a wooden zigzag shelf that holds books and accessories. The said shelf represents an attractive, modern and practical addition to the room’s décor.

Floating superman shelf An ultra-thin wooden shelf held by a superman (Image via
  • Floating supershelf is an ultra-thin shelf; It looks attractive in terms of its art form, and is modern, as the aforementioned shelf raises a superhero character such as “Superman”. Said shelf fits into a wall in a child’s or teen’s bedroom in general.
  • Invisible Bookshelf; The height of the shelf is not clear to the viewer, who sees the books arranged exclusively on the wall.

Shelf and iron, two attractive materials to use together for the purpose of designing wall shelves
  • The shelf, designed in thick iron, and clad in wood, is appropriate in the industrial-style room, given that the shelf in question takes on different geometric shapes.

Interior Design Engineer Najat Al-Hajj
  • The wide wooden shelf, to which indirect light is directed, from the lower or upper part of it. Said shelf performs two roles: it holds books and accessories, as well as wall lighting, in the room it stays in.
  • A delicate bronze and glass shelf brings softness into the room’s décor, as well as modernity.

A set of small wall shelves, which take the form of triangles
  • Triangular shelf; In this context, the engineer, Reham, recommends that you solve several triangles on the wall, so that they are distributed in a remarkable and unusual way.
Shelves of various geometric shapes, intertwined with each other
  • The shelves are of various geometric shapes and intertwined with each other, so that they attract the eye of the beholder, and look unusual and fun in shape.

A set of wall shelves that take the form of a beehive
  • Wall shelves that take the form of a beehive, and are distributed freely on the wall, often in groups.

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