Shatabli Company signs a partnership agreement with Contact Finance to serve the real estate market

Shatabli Company signs a partnership agreement with Contact Finance to serve the real estate market

Mostafa Amer: We aim to provide design and implementation services for decoration and finishing works of the highest quality in the shortest period of time to contribute to bridging the gap of the finishing crisis in the real estate sector

Saeed Zaatar: We have the ability to provide innovative financial solutions to serve Shatabli clients

Cairo – Shatabli Company, owner of the first electronic platform specialized in the design and implementation of decoration and finishing works, has signed a partnership agreement with Contact Finance, the leading company in the field of non-banking financial services in Egypt, with the aim of achieving Shatabli Company’s vision and expansion plans in the Egyptian real estate development sector. By providing innovative financing programs offered by the company, in cooperation with Contact, to Shatbly clients in the Egyptian market.

The partnership agreement comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s orientations towards digital transformation through technological applications supported by innovative financial solutions, which is complementary to the vision of both Shatbly and Contact companies, and this comes at a time when Shatably Company succeeded in presenting a unique and innovative model aimed at bridging the large gap The real estate market suffers due to the delay in finishing the housing units, where the difficult equation is achieved by reducing the time period, reducing the cost and raising the quality rates in the finishes, all through an interactive electronic platform characterized by flexibility and operating under the slogan “Choose the design of your home in less than 60 minutes… and live within 90 days.

It adopts the Shabli platform On an easy and simple interactive interface, it allows customers to choose designs, materials, finishes and decorations for their residential units through simple steps, so that the platform displays prices with utmost accuracy. Therefore, the platform is included with a digital interactive calculator that immediately updates the cost when any change is made, and shows the customer the total cost and the value of the installment Monthly, without any other hidden costs, in order to clarify the cost of the design of each client in line with his budget and monthly income, provided that this process takes place in a few minutes, after which the implementation work begins in a maximum period of only 90 days.

On this occasion, Mr. Saeed Zaatar, Managing Director and CEO of Connecticut Financial Holding, said: “The cooperation with Shatabli Company comes within the framework of our support for new digital solutions in the Egyptian market, especially those aimed at supporting and developing the real estate sector, where Connecticut has the ability to provide integrated solutions. With the ambitious Shatabli Company’s vision through several different financing programs that will allow the largest number of customers to complete the design and implementation of decoration and finishing works for their residential units through simple steps.”

Zaatar explained, “Contect has innovative ways and means of financing to serve its customers, and we believe that enabling technology tools is the fastest way to achieve the goals of digital transformation, which is directly reflected in promoting the growth of the Egyptian economy,” noting that what Shatbly offers through a single platform enables the customer to obtain On financing the finishing works grouped instead of the traditional model that depends on financing the purchase of materials and contracting for finishing works, which represents an unprecedented solution for customers.

For his part, Mostafa Amer, CEO of the Shatbli platform, expressed his happiness with the partnership agreement with Contact Holding, stressing that it comes within the framework of the company’s expansion plan after the success of the first pilot phase and after ensuring that customers need innovative financing solutions that guarantee them access to the service in less A possible period of time, with the highest quality and the best payment methods.

Amer pointed out that Shatbly owns an integrated work team that includes decorative engineers, experts and professional technicians in the finishing works, along with a technical support team and a base of the best raw materials suppliers, which guarantees the customer the best model that helps solve a major crisis suffered by the Egyptian real estate market, which is the length of the finishing period and the resulting disputes It is reported either from the price discrepancy or poor quality provided, especially in the luxury housing units.

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