Sevim Emre stated that she has given up having Cüneyt Arkın’s books confiscated.

Sevim Emre stated that she has given up having Cüneyt Arkın’s books confiscated.

Source: magazine Colic

Famous actor Cüneyt Arkın, while telling a memory with Kemal Sunal in his book, My Hero is Turkish People, talked about the arabesque artist that the actor did not like. The allegation that the artist in question was Orhan Gencebay caused confusion. Talking about his memory with Kemal Sunal in his book, Arkın said, “One day we are sitting in the lobby of the Hilton. His eye caught something. I saw that he is an arabesque artist who collapsed on his 60 years of music background and became famous suddenly with his songs from the Arab. He got on the elevator and went upstairs. Kemal Sunal said, ‘They are like this guy, but only go up with an elevator’.


Gencebay, who was connected to the 2nd Page program broadcast on TV8 screens by phone, threw up anger at Arkın. Stating that he could not make sense of what was happening, Gencebay said: “It is an unpleasant subject. Everything Cüneyt Arkın says is a lie and fabricated claims. Whatever I did, I did it to glorify our local and national values ​​that belong to my great nation. I never met with the late Kemal Sunal, whose films I watched very fondly.” I couldn’t come together. Why is Cüneyt Arkın lying about it? I am amazed at Cüneyt Arkın. What have I done to him that he treats me so disgustingly? I have neither thought nor said bad words to anyone in my life. I did my duty with honor, honor and knowledge.”


Gencebay’s wife, Sevim Emre, said, “I talked to a lawyer and we will have that book collected legally. I can’t digest the disrespect, I can’t digest such news, no one can use a value like Orhan Gencebay to advertise his book. I don’t allow it.” said.


In the program called Alsana Haber, the anger of two giant artists Cüneyt Arkın and Orhan Gencebay came to an end. Journalist Nurcan Sabur, who went live, said, “My dear Seyhan, the person in the book can never be Orhan Gencebay. I am explaining this for the first time here. Orhan Gencebay has a phobia of elevators.” said.


The moderator of the program is Seyhan Soylu; “Dear Sevim Sister, you know I love you very much. We are saddened by a slander on her behalf. It means that since the incident has come to light, Orhan Gencebay and Sevim Emre have given up on the lawsuit and the collection of the book. Besides, it is obvious that Orhan Abi cannot be the person mentioned because the elevator Years later, we learned about Orhan’s elevator phobia from the words of Nurcan Sabur and with the approval of Sevim Abla. This means that in the dialogue between Kemal Sunal and Cüneyt Arkın, which is the subject of the book, the arabesque player who gets on the elevator is either Ferdi Tayfur or Müslüm Gürses. or Hakkı Bulut.. Let’s see who this person is. Let’s sweeten this case now.” said.

He gave up on having the book collected

Sevim Emre, on the other hand, said, “Since the person in the book, Seyhan, is not your brother Orhan, then good luck …” and announced that they had given up on having the book collected.

Source: Magazine Colic

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