Pastel colors are popular in decoration fashion 2022

Pastel colors are popular in decoration fashion 2022

Featured pastel colors With calmness and purity, it impresses the spaces in which they find peace and comfort, and is characterized by pallor, fading or softness… Each color, combined with a sufficient proportion of white in its composition, belongs to the category of pastel colors that were popularly used, in the eighties of the last century, in fashion and architecture, Especially with the emergence of buildings designed according to “Art Deco” and painted in the mentioned colors around the “Miami” area. Currently, pastel colors are entering the fashion of 2022, and will continue to do so until 2025.

Pastel colors are characterized by calm and purity (the works in the photo were designed by the engineer Ran Estephan)

Interior designer Ran Estephan tells “Madam” that after every visit to the “Milano Design week”, she makes sure that the fashion lines and the dominant colors every year are the same, in the fields of fashion and interior decoration alike. It points out that Pastel colors are finally trending in the world of decoR, includes green, cyan, violet, yellow-orange and pink, and that the mentioned colors are frequently used in wall paints and wallpaper, as well as in furniture and accessories, and print the home space with calm and sophistication. She explains that “the choice of colors and their coordination are two important factors in reflecting the tastes, sophistication and personalities of the residents of the house.”
In terms of pastel colors, architect Ran calls for choosing pastel colors, in a way that designs a decorative panel that harmonizes its elements with each other, which positively affects the psychological comfort of the residents, especially in the living room where they spend most of their time.

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Pastel colors in modern living room decor

Incorporating pastel colors with other dark colors achieves luxury and stability (the works in the photo were designed by the engineer Ran Estephan)

In the following, the architect Ran lists the popular pastel colors in the modern living room, and she recommends combining them with other dark colors to achieve luxury and stability, as well as the lovely contrast in the decor.
Pink: Pastel pink adds a feminine character to the space, and is a very comfortable and elegant color, with easy blending with dark blue or dark green. In this context, the engineer calls for choosing the dominant (or basic) colors, light neutral (such as white or light gray), with the addition of light pink, through simple touches, through the carpet, wallpaper, pillows, paintings on the walls and accessories distributed in the room, not Especially vases, tables or plates.

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• Light green: Attracts mixing pastel green with dark green, always relying on the aforementioned dominant base colors, such as white for example. In addition, the living room is decorated with a bouquet of colors that include pastel ones, as well as dark ones. In this context, pastel green replaces the accessories distributed on the table in the middle of the living room or even the paintings on the walls (or wallpaper), with the attractiveness of adding green plants to the empty corners, which “revitalizes” the space and adds purity to it.
On the other hand, there is another decorative palette represented in adding a creamy mint color to the carpet, and mixing pale gray with pastel green.
Sky blue: light touches of pastel blue are added to the living room, with white, light wood, and beige (and | or gray), knowing that the aforementioned gradation of blue indicates calm and comfort.
On the other hand, the color game offered by the azure blue mixed with pink is sweet, especially in the “neo-classical” family space, and it achieves the lovely contrast in the decor, as well as the luxury. As for the “modern” living room, azure and royal blue (dark) are mixed with each other, and they are fed with a light touch of beige. Pastel blue replaces the accessories on the table in the middle of the space, and in the paintings on the walls.
• yellow: Shades of yellow in the living room, which is preceded by beige or gray-beige, as a base color. In this setting, pastel yellow, yellow-orange, gray and black are used to create a lovely contrast in the space. Employ pastel yellow, for example through paintings. In addition, you can choose natural marble for the wall in a yellow or golden color.

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