(P) How difficult is the beginning of the art of hairdressing in the current pandemic conditions?

(P) How difficult is the beginning of the art of hairdressing in the current pandemic conditions?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic situation of recent years has led all entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road or in full entrepreneurial development to completely rethink their career options.

(P) How difficult is the beginning of the art of hairdressing in the current pandemic conditions?

(P) How difficult is the beginning of the art of hairdressing in the current pandemic conditions?

If in 2020 the restrictions were particularly restrictive for a large part of the economic areas, targeting not only the HoReCa industry, the beauty industry, but also many other sectors, the beginning of 2022 promises to be quite promising. Thus, the competent authorities have publicly announced that, in the near future, most of the restrictions will be waived, which is why more and more young people are becoming optimistic about developing a new business on their own.

One of the most profitable fields is, according to the data found in the media, that of beauty, given the constant need of people to take care of themselves and, implicitly, to fit into the physical pattern created by the society in which we live. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that a significant number of hairdressing salons announce their opening very quickly, attracting customers of all ages.

Barber shop supply – an easy or challenging mission in 2022?

Because financial independence and achieving long-term prosperity is the main goal of all those who focus their attention on opening a hairdressing salon, the first step that must be taken in this direction is, of course, supply.

Therefore, if at the beginning of the pandemic, the supply of a beauty location was defined as a rather challenging mission, especially related to the fierce demand and general panic among the population, but also to the problems related to imports of professional products, now the situation has improved considerably.

The essential items to be found on a barber shop’s list of necessities are primarily professional utensils, such as: hair clipper, contour machine, hair clipper and spinning. One of the most durable materials used in both manufacturing and assembly professional styling products it is the Japanese steel that is famous for this. Therefore, in Romania, the hairdressing utensils produced by the HAITO brand are among the top preferences of experienced hairdressers.

Without a doubt, barber furniture in turn, it must be taken into account, especially in view of the fact that all the features of living room furniture differ from the typical ones, which are widely available for purchase.

This is especially true of lounge chairs professional and about the scaffolds used in washing hair that ensure the comfort of customers, as well as the good performance of specific activities, due to the special technical characteristics (tilting mechanism, locking mechanism of the headrest, hydraulic pump, etc.).

This statement is strongly supported by Cristian Bostan – the founder of the online store Barber-Store.ro. His years of experience as one of the main suppliers of Romanian hairdressing and beauty salons has helped the entrepreneur in diversifying the range of products, substantiating his own brand of professional barber chairs: Menoser. This decision was made when imports were hampered by pandemic restrictions around the world, precisely to avoid another similar situation in the future.

Also, in the year of the beginning of the pandemic in our country, more precisely, in its first months of evolution, a certain crisis was born in terms of insuring the stocks of disinfection and sterilization products, items as important in a beauty location as pieces of furniture or specialized utensils. Well, at the moment, the hair stylists at the beginning of the road can equip their unit with everything they need, without encountering any similar difficulties.

Taking into account all the aspects mentioned above, respectively the positive evolution of the capacity of the authorities to manage the pandemic context in Romania, an optimistic conclusion can be drawn both for experienced entrepreneurs in the field of hairdressing and for those planning to start their own business. With a well-structured business plan that can successfully meet all the challenges that arise, anything barber shop will enjoy a promising journey in 2022.

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