Over 35 years since “Declaration of Love” Andrei Duban plays again with Adrian Păduraru

Over 35 years since “Declaration of Love” Andrei Duban plays again with Adrian Păduraru

In recent years, Andrei Duban’s life has changed because he had surgery on his stomach and lost 25 kilograms. It all started after a bet with Cătălin Măruță, whom he won, and now the offers have started, because he acted in the direction of Tim Burton and more recently, he plays in a play together with Adrian Păduraru, his former colleague from ” Declaration of love “, over 35 years since its debut.

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Recently, the well-known actor Andrei Duban (49 years old) appears in a new presentation in the plays in which he plays, 25 kilograms thinner. We wanted to find out his story but also details about the actor’s new projects.

“I met Dr. Sorin Velici, who resorted to bariatric surgery and cut my stomach. Now he has 100 milliliters and that’s how I lost weight a year ago, when I had the operation. “I’m careful not to gain more weight. That’s the secret. I’ve lost 25 pounds, I’ve gained 100 pounds, and now I’m 75 pounds.”

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It all started with a bet with Maruta, I was going to have surgery anyway, but the bet made me even more ambitious and in a way I wanted to fool him, because he said I couldn’t lose weight. I used the operation and won the bet. The prize was to help the children … I don’t remember.

Now I have no restrictions, but I can’t eat much anymore, I eat a very small amount of food and my installation immediately swells. I don’t drink carbonated drinks so it doesn’t hurt. I do sports very rarely, that’s the problem, I should do it. Grațiela, my wife, was happy, she is proud of me, I am 20 years younger “, Andrei Duban, who turns 50 this year, told us.

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The “Declaration of Love” actor is directed by Tim Burton

At the moment, the actor is touring the country with the play “Pancakes with lies”, directed by Dan Tudor, with Anca Țurcașiu, Adrian Păduraru, Corina Dănilă, Ada Navrot, Odorel Olaru and others.

“Last week I was in Galați on Monday, in Tulcea on Tuesday, in Bucharest on Wednesday, in Dalles, in Vâlcea. Next week we go through Moldova, Pașcani, thank God we have people in the hall and the restrictions have been lifted. I play again with Adrian Păduraru, after 35 years since I worked with him in “Declaration of Love”.

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I only saw Teodora Mareș at the National Theater where I played in another play when I was employed there. But we kept in touch, we’re talking about maybe making a movie at some point, “said Duban, who also had a project with the famous Tim Burton.

“I made a movie recently, two days of filming, it will appear on Netflix, directed by the great Tim Burton. I met him and it was a great experience because I caught a role in a project, I filmed 2 days. It’s important that I met him, I exchanged energy with him and I even exchanged two words, I filmed at Buftea, I took pictures “, the actor told us in conclusion.

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