On the eve of Easter, a real celebration was organized for the children of Ukrainian refugees, housed in a Placement Center in Chisinau

On the eve of Easter, a real celebration was organized for the children of Ukrainian refugees, housed in a Placement Center in Chisinau

On the eve of Easter, toy manufacturer Igor Hincu and volunteers from Germany and the United States of America organized a real celebration for the children of Ukrainian refugees, housed at a Placement Center in Chisinau. Together they cooked pancakes, and the children also had board games. The surprise was to the liking of the little ones, whom the war kidnapped from the joys of childhood.

“Does it look like the flag of Ukraine? – Yes. – I made this toy for you. It’s an unusual toy with which we invent stories. It was a small cube with long legs.”

The children of the refugees had a great time, together with the foreign volunteers and the entrepreneur, Igor Hîncu, who parked his caravan full of toys and delicacies, right in the yard of the Refugee Center. The most requested were the chocolate pancakes prepared by a student from the United States of America.

KATHY Volunteer, USA: “Every weekend we go to different places where they are refugees. What’s happening here is not new to me. Today I made about 30 pancakes, but so far I’ve made hundreds. It’s a lot of fun.”

IULIA volunteer, Odessa: “We have a children’s party with sweets, juice, snacks. We want them to feel better, in a positive atmosphere. – Do you succeed? Are there many children here? “

The children learned to make their own toys and understood the secrets of board games.

“This game is called ‘The Tower of Fears.’ – Are you afraid of something now? ‘

IGOR HÎNCU toy manufacturer: “We also took ice cream, that’s why we brought them, we made sure we came after lunch, so that they would eat well first, then give them goodies. We really wanted them to feel good That Easter has come to them too, so that they can look at the trauma they were exposed to. There are more Roma here. “” Yes, they are all Roma. there are children, there are children, there are diamonds. “

The surprises prepared by the volunteers delighted the children of the refugees.

“It’s better than an ordinary day here. – Why? – It’s boring and we usually stay at home there. – What do you usually do here? – We surf the internet.”

“These cars have come, they’re giving us ice cream, pancakes. – How are you doing here today? – Okay. What is he wearing? – In the bunny.”

Among those who came to lend a hand was a sour actress from Berlin.

Actress KATJA RIEMANN, Germany: “I think it’s great what they’re doing, that’s why I’m here. I’m an actress, a writer, I’m a UNICEF ambassador to Germany. That’s why we involved UNICEF in this project to unite people. We hope to better.”

ECATERINA LUŢIŞINA administrator, Refugee Placement Center, FRIŞPA: “It’s really a holiday for children, especially since sweets are a rarity here, every time we receive a donation of sweets is a great joy.”

At the Refugee Placement Center, on Testimiţeanu Street 5, are housed 180 Roma refugees, as well as citizens of Azerbaijan.

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