Muhammad Al-Afifi explains mistakes that should not be made when preparing the apartment

Muhammad Al-Afifi explains mistakes that should not be made when preparing the apartment

Many people, especially the newlyweds, are confused when preparing their own house, in the presence of many different shapes of rooms and modern colors, so in the following lines, the decorator, Mohamed Al-Afifi, explains how to avoid the most prominent mistakes in decorating the home.

The decorator, Muhammad Al-Afifi, said that there are many mistakes that the newlyweds must remedy when preparing their apartment, the first of which is to determine the style of designing their own house, meaning they want a multi-storey house or not, and that imitation should not be the basis for choosing your home, the state of fascination The decorations, the directions of the houses, and the beauty of the curtains must match what you want, and it is not just a matter of imitation.

Al-Afifi added: You must not fall into the wrong size of the furniture for the rooms; Therefore, it is necessary to make sure of the sizes of the rooms that have been chosen, and in the event that you are a social person, you must make sure to leave space in the house to receive guests and entertain, and the consideration of the young and their presence inside the house must be taken into consideration, meaning many people find in the glass spaces and low fences their refuge when Choosing designs, but it is a point of danger for children, and it is necessary to determine the appropriate budget for the house, and be suitable for your capabilities.

And he continued: Not to be impressed by the external appearance versus the internal comfort of the house, and only we buy a set of decoration that has no actual use just because its shape is elegant, and many people believe that crowding the room with a lot of furniture in one room will make the room appear smaller, but placing the furniture in its correct places In the room is much more important than the number of elements themselves, and they should pay attention to the lighting element and choose the lamps that go with the interior design of the house, and try to use the mirror to reflect more natural light inside the room.

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