Monument building in Bucharest, swallowed by flames. The fire was allegedly caused by street people

Monument building in Bucharest, swallowed by flames.  The fire was allegedly caused by street people


A building in Bucharest that was on the list of historical monuments was engulfed in fire last night. Pieces of the roof and facade of the building collapsed due to strong flames. Several families living there managed to get out of the house in time before the entire building was destroyed. Witnesses say the fire was caused by street people living in a neighboring house.

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Several people living in the area called 112 around 8 pm, when they saw that the flames were swallowing the walls of the house. The building is located on Calea Moşilor, an old area of ​​the Capital, where there are many constructions from the last century and it is on the list of historical monuments. The fire, which started from the roof, spread very quickly.

Ioana Blănaru – ISU Bucharest-Ilfov: Firefighters found that the fire was spreading on the roof and on the first floor of the building on an area of ​​about 400 square meters.

Firefighters intervened with two escalators to disperse the water jet from the height. Due to the strong flames, pieces of the roof and the facade of the building collapsed.

Alexandra Bucuroiu – Reporter Observer: The mission of the firemen is a difficult one, the narrow space but also the supply lines of the trams only made it difficult to extinguish the fire.

Ioana Blănaru – ISU Bucharest-Ilfov: For the management of the emergency situation, 12 water and foam fire trucks, two escalators, two releases and a SMURD crew were intervened.

Historical monument destroyed by flames, in Bucharest

Several families lived in the burning building. All the tenants managed to get out on time and escape the fire. All their possessions, however, were destroyed either by the flames or by the powerful jets of the extinguishing hoses.

My co-worker who is in this critical situation. You work a life and wake up in an instant that you have nothing left. It’s horrible what’s going on.

Neighbors say the fire started from a building next to the affected building, where street people were sheltering: Complaints have been made over complaints, for two months now, everyone, the Police and the City Hall have done nothing. They came, he counted them, they did the census and they left. That’s all. It got to where it got to.

The authorities had to stop the traffic in the area, between Str. Paleologu and Hristo Botev Blvd. For almost six hours, tram lines 16 and 21 were blocked.

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