Massive raids in Sintești: Hundreds of fines imposed and dozens of criminal cases filed

Massive raids in Sintești: Hundreds of fines imposed and dozens of criminal cases filed


Another landfill caught fire yesterday, this time near Iasi. The smoke drowned the area, and the strong fire, intensified by the wind, destroyed several halls. At the same time, near Bucharest, there were massive raids resulting in hundreds of fines and dozens of files for illegal transport of waste and theft of electricity.

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Yesterday, around noon, the landfill of waste and scrap metal located 8 kilometers from Iasi was lit, and the fire spread with great speed due to the strong wind.

George Onofreiasa, ISU Iași spokesman: Eight fire trucks from the inspectorate and 3 special vehicles from the emergency services, with 34 military firefighters and 15 volunteer firefighters, acted at the scene of the intervention.

The thick cloud of smoke stretched for miles, and the air became unbreathable. Fortunately, the fire did not result in casualties, but the cause is still unknown.

Massive descents to Sintești

Also yesterday, gendarmes, firefighters and representatives of the environmental guard and RAR descended in Sinteşti-Ilfov, the furnace locality that often poisons the air in the Capital.

The police checked all the cars that entered the commune and questioned the owners who have their yard full to the brim with garbage and waste.

Local: I’m going to jail and that’s it. Well, look, he took the money out of my pocket. The fact is consumed, you have fallen, you have fallen.

Residents say they only buy non-ferrous waste and pass it on to other companies after sorting it personally.

Local reporters: -Where do you sort?

– There.

-In the garden?

– Yes, there are people who care.

– And we work madam because we know the goods, that’s what we lived on.

-And do you have documents on them?

– Of course there are some documents, but if the man comes and the man comes to you like that and he comes with 50 kg, you take the goods and you have as much left as you have left. As we are illiterate, we do not know the procedure to do with the documents, that is why we have people in the office.

He was also shocked when authorities brought a crane to lift the waste containers left at the gate.

Domle check domle fictitious acts are not. There are no illegalities, here we buy and sell.

However, tens of tons of waste were collected from Sinteşti.

Octavian Dan, police: Dozens of offenses were found, as well as 14 offenses of electricity theft. The representatives of the Environmental Guard found that sanctions were applied to them in 2 cases of illegal waste transport.

The Environment Commissioners also issued fines after they discovered cars without dismantled documents on the side of the road. Police also opened a criminal case for theft of electricity, leaving several houses in the dark.

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