Mahitab transformed “Zina Ramadan” into elegant children’s clothes: it’s all by chance

Mahitab transformed “Zina Ramadan” into elegant children’s clothes: it’s all by chance

Tuesday 01 March 2022 | 10:56

Very elegant clothes and models that combine the modern casual character with the joyful Ramadan decorations with their overlapping colors. Once you see them, you feel a state of pleasure and enter the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan.

Mahitab turned Ramadan decorations into clothes

children clothes

Ramadan clothes

Mahitab Abdel Rahman, a girl in her thirties, thought outside the box, and with her creative fingers, she transformed the well-known “Ramadan tents” with a certain color, into clothes for children and adults that can be worn in the holy month as a kind of creating a state of joy and encouraging children to love this blessed month.

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Ramadan clothes

Mahitab narrates the details of her entry into the world of detail to “Baladna Al-Youm News”, saying: “I am a graduate of social etiquette and I started to elaborate by chance. This is perfect. I had a very large amount of fabric, so I separated them into clothes for children, and thank God they were exposed in a brand, and from here I was encouraged and loved to continue.”

Combined detailing and decoration design


Details of clothes of a distinctive and different nature are not the only hobby of “Mahitab”, as she is also skilled in making decorations and statues to decorate squares, and everything related to decoration. In the fields of October gardens, the last Eid.

Ramadan clothes

The pioneers of social networking sites interact positively with Mahitab’s work, whether detailing or decoration, especially at the level of school parties, birthdays and photo sessions of a different and distinctive nature.

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