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Well, that’s how I think he got in. Angi Șerban no longer makes lemon pie on FACEBOOK but jumps, promptly, in defense of the good pool washer, martial arts practitioner, rocker, summer school teacher, activist, karaoke performer, hedge trimmer, trainer, influencer, husband, father and son in charge, the king of diminutives, I have given you enough clues and I think you have already recognized him -Criiiiisti Vasiliiiiică Danileeeeeeț, former judge! So, she’s no longer busy with cakes and stew, she’s not making pancakes, and she’s not telling us how she laughed at family reunions. Stop, people, we’re getting serious …

Cristi Vasilică Danileț’s relentless removal from the judiciary sensitized Angi as strongly as she sensitized Julien Cioloș, Tudor Chirilă, Mircea Cărtărescu, Raluca Prună, Marian Godină, MAREL LICURICI Embassy, ​​Ana Birchall, Stelian Ion, Sieg Mureșan, GDS, and the EU – the good branch … and the USR, “attentive to everything and everything”, rushed with Vasilică’s advancement to the CCR … here is a predictable list to the point of boredom, in which the skeleton ” system ”shines through the transparency of an underdeveloped epidermis. By the way, you know, Angi has always been on the good side of history. As a result, she instructed Klaus – you know him, the president of “my Romanians” – to appoint “free contract” Danileț as a judge of the Constitutional Court:

“Good morning! Klaus Iohannis nominates Cristi Danileț CCR judge! We want him president! I don’t see anyone more suitable to hold this position! He qualifies, deserves and must be the president of the RCC! ” (Angi Șerban, April 13-14, 2022, on her FACEBOOK page)

The “victim” Vasilică himself had suggested that he would be very good for CCR, in a tearful post on FACEBOOK:

“I would not say ‘no’ if it were proposed to me. Especially since I’m free of contract now. It is a high position, from where the state authorities can be kept in balance and the compatibility of the laws with the fundamental act of the country is established. I have been studying these aspects for many years, my positions in this field are public, my articles appear in prestigious scientific publications. I haven’t been and I’m not politically involved (should you die? Should your eyes jump?). The law is my only “policy,” for which I have been campaigning for years, both doctrinally and civically, on the grass. ” (Cristi Vasilică Danileț, April 13, 2022)

And in these dramatic conditions, beyond the sonorous voice of the USR, beyond the spokesperson of the duo Angi Șerban and the deep intellectual support of the eternal candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Cărtărescu (between us , the writer and poet ZVelinski, the one who nominated them for the Nobel Prizes in all fields, the Oscar, the Grammy, etc., that is, in general, for any intergalactic distinction), in these conditions, I say, (European Democratic Culture Initiative) proposes Cristi to rehabilitate, through his moral rectitude and the decency of his behavior, the wrinkled honor of the CCR.

“ICDE proposes Cristi Danileț for appointment to the Constitutional Court!” Immediately, Danileț, excited, took the post on his page, and, somewhat surprised and blushed by such a proposal, wrote:

“I am glad that the ICDE association supports my nomination for CCR and I thank my colleagues from the association, exceptional intellectuals. Their idea is embraced by many NGOs, I see. Civic support is very important, because it legitimizes an extremely important institution in the rule of law. ” (Cristi Danileț, on his FACEBOOK page, April 14, 2022)

You just know that he doesn’t do politics … everything is civic in his exemplary, fighter fiber. But why did ICDE propose Cristi in this high position? A simplistic explanation would be: because he is the vice-president of the ICDE … but I don’t think he has anything to do with it. You may be wondering, then, who is the president of the prestigious ONEGHEU? Well, when it’s … when it’s … Valentin Naumescu, professor at Babeș Bolyai University, former PLUS member, a party from which he resigned in 2019 … everything is beautiful, civic, without any connection to politics, so … Mr. Naumescu, like Făt-Frumos, managed to make three in 8 years (1990-1998) and to graduate as much as others can in a lifetime … namely: studied Medicine, History-Philosophy and European Studies, all at Babeș-Bolyai University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Social Work and International Relations and European Studies. Various fields – but he succeeded. He followed his doctorate with the thesis: “Social policies in post-war Europe”. He has taught courses in: Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; Comparative institutions and policies in Europe and North America; Security studies; It should be noted that in 1997-1998 Mr. Naumescu also worked in the Ministry of National Education, although I understand that he was still studying in the field of International Relations. Next, between 2005 and 2012 (in the governments of the DA and PDL Alliance, it seems to me, without any connection to politics, I say), Mr. Naumescu was: Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Diplomatic Adviser in the Public Diplomacy Directorate, Consul General at Toronto, with the diplomatic rank of “Minister-Adviser” and Member of the Board of Directors of the ICR, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Otherwise – university activity, without any connection with politics, of course, reaching the university associate professor in 2004, after which I don’t know what else he did, because he doesn’t write in his CV. Let’s be clear: I do not doubt the competence of the university student Valentin Naumescu … I only doubt the “apolitical” clothing of an NGO run by someone who has been so thoroughly involved in politics since the 90’s.

The “apolitical” positions of the ICDE are notorious, because, as you well know, all the fervent and outspoken supporters of the USR or progressivism under its various states of aggregation have never eaten politics and their mouths do not smell. , because they are simply animated by civility! To give a small example of serene “apolitics” in an ICDE Communiqué of June 26, 2019:

“ICDE considers the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council a failure of the image of the government and the parliamentary majority. At the end of the EU Council presidency, the European Democratic Culture Initiative (IECE) points out that Romania has been the most criticized country to hold the rotating presidency of the EU bloc for the past 30 years, due to defiant government and parliamentary majority right and in the sense of politicizing justice. Now blaming the criminal Liviu Dragnea is an unworthy attempt by PSD-ALDE, two parties repudiated by their own European political families during the election campaign, to wash their hands and return to the pro-European façade option. In essence, it is the same reflection of the communist nomenclature of three decades ago, which was “reinvented” politically in the post-Ceausescu era. ”

Pure civility, Coane Fanica!

Therefore, the fact that the President of the ICDE is a Doctor of POLITICAL SCIENCES and POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY (the Magna Cum Laude distinction) has nothing to do with POLITICS, on the contrary! it is the guarantee that even the vice-president Cristi, the one who also asks today, poor man, for a nomination to CCR and obtains it, on the same day, from a POLITICAL party, will never touch this impure field! Behind Cristi are, like rocks, the embassy of Dolofanului Licurici and Aunt Europa herself, the one who mumbles year after year MCV macoveice in her jagged jaws!

You citizens should not imagine that Vasilică, also known as “the shadow of Macovei la Cozia”, ​​a former member of the SCM and a former “musketeer” of the Council, who, out of a strong sense of justice, slammed another “Musketeer” – a colleague from the SCM, helping the “boys” to get rid of him when he became uncomfortable, now wants his position in the RCC because it seems a well-deserved reward, including financially, for the exemplary way he served ” the system ”over time, as he saw it happen with Livia Stanciu … no, no, no thought, you are wrong … he is still animated by the holy idea of ​​serving justice, just as before ! And I say don’t worry – whoever has supported him so far, if he still finds it somewhat useful, will always find a sinecure, maybe a European one, that fits his glove!
………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………
PS As always, in the front line, Angi took to the streets again, in support of Mrs. Emilia Șercan … as a result, she noticed, through direct contact and at rush hour, the prominences of the anatomy of the famous plagiarist hunt in public office. And then, after the initiation, Angi Șerban plastically described, on her FACEBOOK page, the delicious experience she had:

“I hugged Emilia Sercan today and I didn’t feel fragile, I even felt a superhuman strength! Oh, well, this girl has as many CWAÉ as PUMPKINS … ”(Angi Șerban, activist, April 9, 2022)

Let’s face it, Serban liked what he felt. We do not know, instead, what was in Mrs. Șercan’s heart reading these lines …

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