Life beats the movie | A woman called the police after her son brought home a girl abandoned by her parents, whom she met in the park. Ireal who she was, really

Life beats the movie |  A woman called the police after her son brought home a girl abandoned by her parents, whom she met in the park.  Ireal who she was, really

Jack, an 8-year-old American boy, met a blonde girl a little older than him, whose father abandoned her, and took her home, begging her parents to adopt her. They did not agree and even called the police. Later, Jack’s mother – Georgiana – found out the shocking truth about the girl’s past.

It all started when Jack approached the lonely and sad-looking girl in a corner of the playground in a Connecticut neighborhood.

He was also alone at the time, especially since his mother allowed him to go there, precisely because he was close to their home. There were no other children around, and the girl seemed to need help, support, a friend.

  • “Hey! Would you like to play with me? ” he asked shyly.
  • “I want to play, but I’m tired and hungry,” the girl replied.

He seemed to be his age or a little older, but Jack didn’t understand why he came to the playground if he didn’t want to play.

  • “Then you should go home, rest, and eat,” Jack said politely, but the girl looked at him with wide eyes, displaying the saddest expression he had ever seen.
  • “I waited for my father to pick me up, but he didn’t come and I don’t know where we are,” she said.
  • “What’s your name?” Jack continued.
  • “Linda,” she said, almost speechless.
  • “When is your father coming?” Jack continued the conversation.
  • “I don’t know,” the girl became even sadder.
  • “How long have you been here?” The curious boy asked.
  • “I think it’s been two days,” Linda replied, looking at her shoes and biting her lip.
  • “This is not good! Did something happen? ”Jack asked worriedly.

Although he was only 8 years old, Jack knew immediately that something was wrong and was shocked. Although his mother allowed him to be alone outside for a few hours, he knew that she would never leave him in the park for a few days.

But Linda wasn’t so worried, and she seemed to resign herself, giving her the impression that this was often the case, and she was somewhat accustomed to the situation. But the sadness still could not be erased from his face.

Jack took pity on her, and decided to bring her home. He thought his mother would feed her and then call someone for help. Linda agreed to go with him because his house was nearby and she really needed some adults to help her.

Jack’s mother was shocked when she learned from her son what had happened to Linda, smiled at the girl, and invited her to dinner. They ate together, and the girl even laughed at Jack’s jokes and smiles.

The boy, in turn, felt very well throughout the evening when Linda played with him. They sat for hours in his bedroom full of toys. When she fell asleep, broken, on her bed, the boy went out to tell his mother…

  • “Mother, can you adopt her? I think she was abandoned. You can adopt her, and I can have a sister! ”Jack suggested happily.
  • “It’s not that simple, darling. He has a family and something could have happened. We need to call Social Work, ”his mother continued, stroking his head.
  • “It simply came to our notice then. It will work, believe me! ”, Insisted the eight-year-old boy.

When Jack’s father arrived home, the two adults discussed the matter and they both agreed to call the police. The woman told officers that the girl had been in the park for more than two days and that she was only talking about a possible father. Law enforcement officers assured them that in the morning they will have someone from the Child Protection who will jump to their aid.

Jack was thrilled that Linda had spent the night with him, and the next day they ate pancakes and laughed together at breakfast.

Unfortunately, the authorities got there quite early, along with the lady from the Social Services, who had already found a file about Linda and her father. It seems that there have been several cases of abuse and neglect in the past, but the man had promised to change.

After learning that Linda would have to be placed in foster care, Jack begged her parents to become Linda’s adoptive family, and they finally agreed.

She liked to have a sister and they played together all the time at the playground, and the little girl smiled more and more and life was finally good for her too.

One day, the family found out that Linda was suffering from anemia and they took her to the hospital, but no one knew her blood type, so they tested her and, fortunately, it matched Georgina’s blood, so she transfused.

Linda recovered immediately, but the pediatrician was surprised because she was not her daughter.

“Did you say he was your adopted child?” I was lucky because it is very rare for adoptive parents to have the same blood type as their children, ”Dr. Morris commented, and left the room.

After that day, Georgina had a feeling of emptiness in her stomach. People around her were already talking about the resemblance between Linda and Jack, and that made her think of the daughter she had lost a long time ago.

The woman gave birth to a beautiful girl a year before she met Jack’s father, but her ex-partner kidnapped the little girl and never managed to find them. Police even told him not to hope goodbye, because they were probably both dead.

Georgina never thought of her daughter when Jack first told her that Linda looked like her sister. But the feeling inside her intensified every day after that hospitalization and she needed to know what was going on.

Her husband suggested they do a DNA test, and the results confirmed their suspicions. Linda was the little girl her ex-boyfriend had stolen directly from the maternity ward. This meant that Linda no longer needed adoptive parents, because she already had a biological mother and a stepfather.

The couple shared the news with the children and they cried for happiness, being very happy to be brothers. Linda immediately became her mother’s daughter, and Jack’s father liked the idea of ​​becoming a girl’s father overnight.

Meanwhile, police arrested Georgina’s ex-boyfriend and arrested him on several charges, including abduction and abandonment of children.

Instead of conclusion

Almost all the coincidences happen for a reason, and some people might think that this family’s situation is a matter of fate, given that Jack took an abandoned girl home and she turned out to be his biological sister.

Children should be taken to the doctor every time they have a problem. If you are a parent, you should always be aware of your little ones’ medical history. Linda was suffering from anemia and was fortunate enough to meet Georgina, her biological mother, in time to donate blood.

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