Learn about the types of stone in modern interior decoration

Learn about the types of stone in modern interior decoration

The stone extracted from natural rocks and distinguished by its veins attracts the attention of the majority of people with good taste, as it raises the value of the interior decoration in the room in which it resides.

In this context, interior design engineer Reham Farran said: “There are several types of stone, such as the antique Italian Traventino, which is desirable for its veins, and sandstone, which spreads a warm atmosphere with its dark colors in general, and fits with classic, modern and even contemporary decorations, “Ultra Modern”, and granite. What is remarkable is its luster, its veins, the shapes it presents, and onyx, which represents a kind of precious marble,” according to (Madam).

And she added, “When buying stone for the interior of the house, it is necessary to pay attention to the color gradation, shape and veins, in harmony with the decorations and textures of the furniture, and covering the walls with natural stone is an expensive process, but it achieves luxury in the decoration, especially with lighting on the walls.”

According to the idea in the design, he chooses for the walls the type of stone, from which soft, rough, embossed, glossy, matte or engraved are available, knowing that the stone can be combined with other materials and that it
Two types of stone may enter on one wall to achieve a distinctive painting.

The natural stone tops the tables, large, as in the dining room, and the small mobile or “coffee table”, in harmony with the stone-clad wall in the room and the textures of the furnishings.

Smooth-grained stone adheres directly to the surface, and is desirable for home interiors.

The aged stone, i.e. undulating in its colors, and the dark color predominating on it indicates luxury in the space in which it settles in harmony with the other elements in the room, especially the upholstery fabrics.

The stone on the wall (Eclate) is small-sized pieces that are installed close to each other on the wall, and it offers many choices of colors, and it may be distributed on one wall (or on two walls if the space is large), and it reflects an artistic painting.

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