Learn about the best tourist places in Berlin

Learn about the best tourist places in Berlin

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The best tourist places in Berlin can impress many people, who are looking for the pleasure of travel and an opportunity for adventure, and through the coming paragraphs we will learn about these places and the most important details about them.

Best places to visit in Berlin

If you are looking for a distinctive tourist destination, you can find it in the best tourist places in Berlin, as these places can relax the nerves and make you see the best landscapes at all.

Here in the following paragraphs some important details about these places; In order to help you make the right decision when traveling, and to identify the right destination that you are seeking to reach.

Charlottenburg Palace

One of the most famous tourist places in Berlin, and this royal palace includes one of the most important wonderful gardens that are characterized by the beauty of natural appearance, in addition to that it was built in conjunction with the seventeenth century.

In addition, it gained enough fame because it has a statue on its dome, which can move according to the weather at the moment, not to mention the strange decorations that it includes from the inside.

These decorations vary between Baroque and Rococo, in addition to the garden that it includes and many of the statues and theaters it includes, which made it one of the most important tourist areas in the whole world.

Brandenburg Gate

This gate is one of the important symbols of Germany, as it was carved on the coins belonging to the state, in addition to that it was built in 1788, and for the reason for its name, it goes back to the famous state of Brandenburg to which it originally belongs.

It is worth noting that the authority of this portal has appeared on many of the state’s coins, which vary between 10 and 20 cents, and many other currencies.

As for its geographical location, it is located in Berlin, specifically in Paris Square, and extends to the end of the Unter den Linden, which is one of the great streets that have been completed for walking in the center of Berlin.

victory pillar

This column was built in 1873, and was intended at that time to celebrate the victory in the Franco-German war, and it is worth noting that the fame and reputation of this tourist place has reached all people in all the world.

Its height is approximately 69 metres, and it also includes the approximately 285 spiral staircases that are part of its own design, through which you will have a good chance of seeing the entire city in which it is located.

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Berlin Tower

Some people call this tourist place the name of the TV Tower, and it is characterized by its unique architecture, so that over time it has turned into a global tourist attraction that people come to visit from everywhere in the world.

It is worth noting that its length is equivalent to 368 meters, while it consists of 147 floors, making up the tallest building in Germany in general, and it should be noted that this tower is the second tallest in the European Union.

In addition, it has been classified as the fourth in the European continent, and is located in Alexanderplatz Square, which is part of the Mitte district in the German capital; This explains the great importance that it has acquired over time.

Pergamon Museum

This museum was built in 1899, as it is among the most important tourist places that attract the attention of all people in the world, in addition to that it contains a huge number of ancient archaeological artifacts.

These artifacts were the product of the Babylonian, Assyrian and Syrian civilization, as these artifacts date back at least 4,000 years, and the museum is located on the banks of the Spree River, which belongs to the heart of the capital, Berlin.

New Berlin Museum

This museum included many ancient monuments through which various forms of human civilization appear, and it is the oldest when compared to many museums in the world.

From here, we find that the museum includes some details of the Pharaonic Egyptian civilization, in addition to many valuable and rare artifacts at the same time; Hence, you can get many photographs in this place.

Musical Instruments Museum

This museum includes about 3,500 musical instruments, and these instruments date back to the sixteenth century, and from here we point out that this museum has included many instruments over the different eras of time.

What increased its status and importance compared to other museums, and from here we point out that this museum included some instruments belonging to the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations.

Berlin Zoo

One of the oldest tourist places belonging to Berlin, in addition to the fact that it was announced its opening in 1844, and it should be noted that this park has an area equivalent to 35 hectares.

It also includes about a thousand and 500 species of animals of all kinds. Hence, this park has gained enough fame in the world; What made people visit it from all over the place.

Looking at the previous paragraphs, we find that the best tourist places in Berlin can provide you with the opportunity to see the landscape, and get to know the history and heritage of that country better.

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