“If you look at the cars of the Ukrainians, you would say that we are refugees.” You’ve read that often, but it’s worth talking about

“If you look at the cars of the Ukrainians, you would say that we are refugees.”  You’ve read that often, but it’s worth talking about

How easy it is to “go on the trick”, how easy it is to label, always looking for an excuse to put anything that doesn’t suit us in an unfavorable light, diverting the meaning of a goal. It’s easier to make jokes, without putting ourselves in the situation where others would make “jokes” about us.

We have also discussed the issue of refugees, in fact a humanitarian crisis that no one wants to go through. We also discussed the fact that refugee does not mean poor and poverty is not a virtue, just as wealth should not be seen as such.

What does wealth mean? It depends on how you relate to it. Does being rich mean that you have a lot? Many what? Money, houses, cars, accounts… For others, being rich means having a book, knowing, having the right information and knowing how to use it. For some, going through hardships, being rich means having health and peace of mind that will allow you to build for yourself and your loved ones, to enjoy life.

Let’s refer to the material part, because many look at wealth thinking about the material condition of others. When money becomes a goal, the chance of accumulating material “wealth” decreases. This is because money is seen as a goal, not as a working tool to achieve your various goals. It’s not very complicated, but we like to complicate things and complain.

The phenomenon of refugees in Ukraine must be a hard lesson for us, from which we would prefer to be able to learn something. Nobody likes what happens. We would have liked it to be different, to have other concerns, but look, it’s not always how we want and plan.

How do we do that? Do we put our heads in the sand and pretend we don’t exist or do we do what we can to help some troubled people? It is not obligatory to do so, but if some are involved it is not normal to blame them. Ok, say that Romanians are not helped and we are helping some foreigners. You hear that often. Fake! Hundreds of thousands of Romanians are helped, even some who do not deserve it, not because they are necessarily bad people, but because they do not make the slightest effort to do something themselves, waiting to be given.

I know, some people don’t like it, but I don’t write these lines to please them. Nor do they repeat the story of the hundreds of thousands of anonymous donations, of charitable acts that are made and about which we cannot find out in whole or in part. In general, those who do not know are the ones who do not donate, who do not get involved and do not even seek to see how many people in need are helped. And one more aspect… if you see that others help the refugees from Ukraine and you say that the Romanians are not helped, give a good example and help those Romanians yourself.

Let’s talk again about the cars of the Ukrainians. It’s not much different from what we have on the roads. What cars do you think they have? Do you see Bugatti, Pagani, Ferarri, Lamborghini, Rolls? They would have a few of these, but most have cars worth a few thousand euros, some a few tens of thousands, an irrelevant percentage anyway. It is obvious that those people left home not to ask for a soup and a mocha accommodation in Romania.

Those with more “concerned” cars do not ask for anything. They buy what they need and stay where they can, paying for it. Some are just in transit. Others find out that Romanians are really okay, not as the propaganda from them or from Russia told them, so they decide to stay here. I don’t think we should worry if they don’t eat what we offer and choose to buy what they like. The drama of most of them, let’s not forget that we are talking about women and children, is not poverty, but the fear of death. I don’t know what you saw, but I didn’t see anyone complaining or criticizing the conditions of accommodation and meals.

Maybe you donated a bottle of oil, a bag of flour and a bag of sugar, without thinking (damn it!) That these little men didn’t come and don’t come here to make pancakes. Don’t be upset if they don’t hop in happiness… All they hope for is that they won’t see other aggressive strangers, that it will be easier for them to pass or stay, and that they will return home tomorrow, if they have a place, if they have someone else. Now do you realize that it is not relevant with which car they came to Romania?

Look, look like this: tomorrow, beautiful and fascinating Romania is being trampled by Comrade Putin, who thinks he is entitled to turn it into his marketplace. I will not go into further details. The man stays here, one willingly, another out of necessity. The wife takes her child by the hand and leaves for Bulgaria, assuming that he is closer and the Romanian is poor. The richest one takes the path of the news, to his relatives, to his friends, where he sees with his own eyes and thinks that the cash keeps him from doing it. I’m talking to the poor man now.

At the border, the Bulgarian tells you: We’re sorry they’re bombing you, but we’re not interfering in your problems so we don’t have to worry about them. ” Is it true that you wouldn’t like it?

Or… cross the border to Bulgarians with what you get, with a car over what they have (those who have been on holiday or in transit through Bulgaria know that we are over their car park), and the average Bulgarian posts on his Facebook page: “As the cars of the Romanians who come to us look like, you say that we are refugees.” A stupid finding, a stupid joke, one that you want, those of you who do it here on behalf of the Ukrainians and their children, but which you would not digest, if the roles were reversed.

Judging by the cars that choke Prahova Valley on weekends, you would say that Romania is far from a poor country. The same goes for the congestion on the roads to and from our coast, during the hot season weekends. And the roads are not crowded with cars of politicians, luxury budgeters, businessmen. And then, wouldn’t it be better, instead of asking themselves what “these” people are looking for on the roads and what cars the Ukrainians or some of the Romanians have, how God does it and why not all of them live differently?

How is it that education has given many the chance to build a career, to earn a decent or even very good income, the peak, in the same country where some believe that in order to prosper you must be given, not to look for solutions to earn better?

*** There are also categories that need support from society. They exist all over the world, they need real support, they need a society that is more attentive to their needs, but this is not what they are talking about. And last but not least, the headline made you laugh.

Think of the character Celentano from Las Fierbinți. Doesn’t that sound funny to many? He’s a drunkard who charges all sorts of nonsense, right? In reality, the character is absolutely sinister, being the essence of what society has worse: laziness, vices and envy towards those who really do something good, no matter what. In this sense, the screenwriter Mimi Brănescu built the character played masterfully by Adrian Văncică, but how many saw him as he is, in fact, other than funny?

And no one asks anything of those who do not want to help in any way, maybe just not to intoxicate the public space with malice. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

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