How to use plexiglass in interior decoration

How to use plexiglass in interior decoration

Many people use plexiglass (or thick plastic) that is resistant to breakage and easy to shape in home decorations. It makes furniture and accessories, and is prepared instead of glass, especially in places where glass appears dangerous.

Tables and shelves designed from “Plexiglas”

Plexiglas is a material that is very present in the narrow apartment, because it is transparent, it allows the passage of the sun’s threads through it, and is used in the manufacture of facades and furniture or parts thereof, and tables in the living room, whatever their sizes, are made entirely of “plexiglass” material. However, the engineer, Reham, recommends combining the “plexi” with iron, for a double attraction.

The material designs the dining table parts (top and legs), in addition to the chairs that surround the table. In the mentioned design, the transparent “plexiglass” is combined with iron colored in a metallic color, such as silver, gold, or bronze, or in a classic color, such as black or brown.

Plexiglas is a durable and multi-thickness material that is resistant to nature factors, so it manufactures garden furniture, from tables and chairs. Within this framework, the engineer calls on Reham to integrate the transparent and durable material, with the joyful colors (orange or pistachio).

More and more people allocate a corner for clothes in the bedroom, and in this context, “Plexiglas” material is replaced by shelves that carry clothes and accessories, while employing lighting (spotlights) or facades.

The plexiglass-designed divider is placed between two parts of the house, especially when it is desired that the aforementioned divider does not obscure the natural light.

In this context, there are many options, according to the architect, Reham, who calls for keeping the insulator simple in design as a pillow, or framing it in gold to highlight it in the space, or painting with acrylics on the insulator to highlight an artistic painting.

In addition to the furnishings for the home and garden, accessories made of plexiglass, such as photo frames, candlesticks and vases, attract attention, knowing that the material bears the presence of inscriptions and prints on it, especially in the manufacture of antiques, and it may be available in attractive colors that dye it, however, the manufactures of the material must be taken care of. , because it is subject to scratching, although “Plexiglas” bears pressure and weight.

On the other hand, Plexiglas and iron are included in the design of parts of the iron TV unit, especially the shelves, and the fireplace in this frame. Engineer Reham talks about the aesthetics of the material on a black background to highlight it, a stone structure, or even a background made of colored wallpaper .

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