Hello Chef, season 3, episode 6. Chef’s recipe for hot rubbed beans with sausages à la Chef Roxana Blenche and Iulia Albu

Hello Chef, season 3, episode 6. Chef’s recipe for hot rubbed beans with sausages à la Chef Roxana Blenche and Iulia Albu

Chef Roxana Blenche was once again a master in the kitchen in a new episode of Hello Chef. In the edition of season 3, from March 31, 2022, she had with her Iulia Albu, one of the most appreciated fashion critics in our country.

Let’s see how she coped with the criticism in the kitchen and what kind of cooking style she launched

For starters, it should be noted that Iulia Albu had a different clothing style this time as well.

The star wore a yellow dress with sequins and a pair of shoes with rhinestones. The fun ended when the star found out she had to wear an apron. There were no shortage of funny moments and in this episode he laughed and cooked in atypical styles.

Questions from Chef Blenche’s kitchen in episode 6, season 3, of the “Hello Chef” show: “Why does plating take longer than cooking?” “Because you called me on the show and I don’t know how to cook”

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Along with Roxana Blenche and her special guests from each edition, Carmen Brumă was present, who witnessed from behind the whole process of cooking.

She made sure that both the guests and the audience received useful and accurate information about the benefits of the ingredients used, but did not shy away from throwing a challenge or reprimand, as appropriate.

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Chef Roxana Blenche started the game before she started cooking. Iulia Albu was not allowed to say “beans” and flour and Chef Roxana Blenche, on the other hand, was not allowed to say “papaya” and “chicken”.

In addition to cooking, the two also had time to talk as girls. Chef Blenche has exceeded his limits and came up with ideas for a wedding dress design for the moment when he will marry Iulia Albu. Imagination has exceeded all limits and there was no lack of fun.

In addition to these small moments, the cooking came to an end and Iulia Albu took care of the plating part, in her style.

Chef Roxana Blenche’s recipe for beans rubbed. Ingredients and preparation:

Ingredients needed for sausage rubbed beans:

– 1 kg beans

– white onion, 200 g

– carrots, 400 g

– celery 100 g

– 100 g parsnips

– paprika

– red sauce 100 ml

– 400 g cucumbers

– pickled cucumbers 400 g

– Thyme

In fact, Chef Blenche and Iulia Albu also prepared a dessert where Iulia Albu’s unmistakable style made its mark. Chef Blenche cooked and Iulia cut the dessert and made an atypical plating.

But, in order for everything to be focused not only on cooking, but also on entertainment, Iulia Albu had a unique idea, which involved two lemon halves and a slightly provocative language, but with results that were full of joy.

Ingredients for Brașov pancakes in the oven by Chef Blenche

– flour 200 g

– 500ml milk

– 2 eggs

– cottage cheese 400 g

– Mint

– raisins

– 100 g sugar

– powdered sugar 50 g

– vanilla essence

Hello Chef, every Sunday, from 13:30, on Antena 1

Every Sunday, from 13:30, Antena 1 brings cooking and cooking enthusiasts a new cooking show to their taste: Hello Chef. The host of the show is none other than Roxana Blenche, whom the audience had the chance to meet and support at Chefs at Knives.

What comes out when a chef, a gourmet celebrity and a passionate nutritionist meet, viewers can find out by watching Hello Chef, every Sunday, from 13:30, on Antena 1.

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