Hastense Launches New Dreamer Bed To Celebrate Its 170th Anniversary

Hastense Launches New Dreamer Bed To Celebrate Its 170th Anniversary

Hastens revealed the launch of the Dreamer Bed, created by the famous interior designer Ferris Ravoli, on March 22, 2022, coinciding with the 170th anniversary of the founding of the company, in a move that marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand that addresses ambitious people who refuse to accept reality and are driven by passion to continue in pursuit of their dreams.

The Dreamer bed is a milestone in the history of Hastense, embodying the dreams, achievements and values ​​of excellence and perfection for the brand over six generations.

The new bed is the fruit of an ongoing collaboration between the brand and Ferris Ravoli, and the careful attention to every detail is evident in the bed and the backboard of the Dreamer bed, which offers the highest degree of elegance.

The bed has been meticulously handcrafted by Hastense craftsmen in Köping, Sweden, and is beautifully upholstered using a unique woven fabric designed by Ferris Ravoli inspired by the brand’s iconic horse crest.

The Dreamer bed features the same type of fabric found in Grand Vivids, one of the most exclusive and professional beds in the world, and comes in four colours: classic blue, grey, brown and dark black.

The horizontal and vertical lines are coordinated to form symmetrical squares, and this process requires great precision by the brand’s professional team. The bed’s baseboard bears the motivational phrase “Dreamer, The Day Is Yours” and the word Dreamer is engraved into a silver-plated brass plaque on the bed’s base, along with the Hastense and Ferris Ravoli logos.

While the backboard of the Dreamer bed stands out as a work of art that adds an aesthetic touch to any bedroom, the velvet and side panels come in the same colors as the bed, and feature thick padding that gives exceptional comfort and sparkles with distinctive lines that complement the luxurious design of the panel.

The painted wooden legs are specially designed for the Dreamer bed and are available in black and blue colours.

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Hastens’ philosophy revolves around the ability of effective and relaxing sleep experiences to transform people’s lives for the better and impact the possibility of achieving their dreams, so it uses the finest quality wool, cotton, linen, fine Swedish pine and ponytail hair with precision and craftsmanship, to provide a sense of lightness and give a good night’s sleep at the same time.

The Dreamer bed and headboard are of the highest quality and design excellence, in honor of Per-Adolf Jansson, the ambitious founder of Hastense, and in a sign that six generations of aspirants have continued to establish Hastense as a world leader.

Augmented reality technology is available to people who want to see their Dreamer bed digitally wherever and whenever they choose to do so.

The Dreamer bed campaign is scheduled to be launched in the coming weeks, which will reveal more details.

Dreamer Bed Features

• Designer: Ferris Ravoli
• Fabric: Hastense monogram embroidered fabric
• Colours: classic blue, grey, brown and dark black.
• Rolls: Wooden legs specially painted for Dreamer Bed. Available in black (with grey, brown or dark black) and blue (with classic blue).
• Sizes: Available in standard sizes starting at 90 x 200 cm or in custom sizes up to 400 x 400 cm in length and width.
• Lining: thin, medium, thick, very thick, varying degrees of thickness.
• Price: Prices start from €28´390 / US$35´790.
• Available at Hastense and partner stores worldwide as of March 22, 2022.

Dreamer Bed Backboard Features

• Designer: Ferris Ravoli
• Colours: classic blue, grey, brown and dark black.
• Dimensions: Height 145 cm, Depth 32 cm, Depth of the bottom plate 55 cm>
• Black stained oak appears on the underside of the backboard to ensure a smooth connection with the bed.
• Materials used in the cover: Velvet
• Materials used in the lining: 65% cotton, 35 wool.
• Price: Prices start from €21’985 / $27’695 USD
• Available at Hastense and partner stores worldwide as of March 22, 2022.

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